Reasoning - Logical Problems Test

Test Instructions :

1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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In a shop, there were 4 dolls of different heights M, N, O and P.'P' is neither as tall as 'M' nor as short as 'O'.'N' is shorter than 'P' but taller than 'O'. If Anvi wants to purchase the tallest doll, which one should she purchase?






If all  the symbols in the above arrangement are dropped, which of the following will be the Twelfth form the right end?






If 20% of A = B and 40% of B = C , then 60% of (A + B) is:










1399 x 1399 = ?





Raj travelled from appoint X staright to Y at adistance of 80 metres. He turned righta and wlaked 50 metres, then again turned right and walked 70 metres. Finally, he turned right and walked 50 metres. How far is he from the starting point?






Depreciation applicable to an equipment is 20%. The value of the equipment 3 years from now will be less by:





is equal to:





A district has 64000 inhabitants. If the population increases at the rate ofper annum, then the number of inhabitants at the end of 3 years will be





How many such vowels are there in the above arrangement, each of which is immediately preceded by a number and immediately followed by a symbol?






Nidhi walks 5 kms towards the North, takes a right turn and walks 10 kms. She now takes a left turn and walks 5 Kms. she finally takes another left turn and walks 10 Kms. towards which of the following directions is she walking now?






Two cards are drawn at random from a well-shuffled pack of cards. What is the probability that both are kings or both are queens?





30% of 28% of 480 is the same as





How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters 'URLE' using each letter only once in each word?






On dividing  a number by 999, the quotient is 366 and the remainder is 103. The number is:










The quantity of water (in ml) needed to reduce 9 ml shaving lotion containing 50% alcohol to a lotion containing 30% alcohol, is :





How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ‘CORPORATE’ each of which has as many letters in the same sequence between them in the word as in the English alphabet?






Salaries of Ravi and Sumit are in the ratio 2 : 3. If the salary of each is increased by Rs. 4000, the new ratio becomes 40 : 57. What is Sumit’s present salary?





The year next to 1990 will have the same calendar as that of the year 1990?





If Blue is called Green, Green is  called Orange, Orange is called Yellow, Yellow is called Black, Black is called Red and Red is called White. What is the colour of turmeric ?










If it is possible to make only one meaningful word with the second, the seventh, the tenth and the eleventh letters of the word ‘TRADITIONAL’, what will be the second letter of the word? If no such word can be formed, give ‘X’ as the answer. If only two such words can be formed give ‘Y’ as the answer and if more than two such words can be formed give ‘Z’ as the answer.






The value of (68.237)2 – (31.763)2 is;





How many such numbers are there in the above arrangement, each of which is either immediately preceded by or immediately followed by a vowel or both?






If x is 80% of y, then what percent of 2x is y?










If 35% of a number is 175, then what percent of 175 is that number?





If 8% of x = 4% of y, then 20% of x is :





If (a + b ) : (b + c) : (c + a) = 6 : 7 : 8 and (a + b + c)=14, then the value of c is:





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