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1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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Which of the following is not a Social Development Scheme launched by Government of India?





_______ quotas are related to selling costs within area on able limits





Which of the following battles marked the real beginning of the Mughal Empire in India?





Which one of the following was an ancient janapada?





The Pakistan government on 28 June 2012, released Indian prisoner Surjeet Singh after he served life imprisonment in Pakistani Prison.  Who is the other Indian citizen who has been languishing in Pakistani prison and was denied liberty by the Pakistani authorities on 26 June 2012





Citizens and foreigners both enjoy





Retail employees typically use ____________ terminals to process sales transactions.





Which state decided to provide an allowance of Rs. 1,000 a month to housewives in households whose annual incomes are less than Rs. 3 lakh on 2nd October 2012?






The confluence of the river Alkananda and Bhagirathi is known as





What is the sub brand of the new car that Toyota is launching in India?






The Commission of Agricultural Costs and Prices fixes the -





Which of the following is true for RBI's third-quarter monetary policy review announced on January 24, 2012?





According to the data released by the Commerce and Industry Ministry on 30 January 2012, the growth rate of eight core industries slowed down to what per cent in December 2011 from  6.3 per cent in December 2010?





Which one of the following organizations in not related to science and technology?





_________is a port-based industrial region.





Which of the following is true?





The language spoken in Lakshadweep island is





As per the recent announcement by the Government of India about 2200 items from a particular country are now allowed to enter India without payment of any import duty. Which of the following countries will be exporting these items?





Who was appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of Levi Strauss & Co?





Who is named as the Flying Sikh of India?





Squadron leader Rakesh Sharma was India's first man to go into space. He was ____ cosmonaut to be in space in the world





Who is the owner of Kingfisher Airlines?





Smaller and less expensive PC-based servers are replacing ____________in many businesses.





Bhurelal Committee gave recommendations on _________.





Which of the following crops helps in nitrogen fixation?





Which is the first Indian comp-any to be listed in NASDAQ?






On Dec. 11, 2007, Federal Reserve of America cut the bench mark rates by how many percent?






Which state government has cancelled four major Special Economic Zones (SEZs) proposed by large business houses-Mahindra, Videocon and India Bulls- after having failed to acquire land for the multi-purpose projects?






What is the name of the branded petrol with cleansing additives that is being marketed by HPCL?






Rare Gases are generally chemically inert because they





Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) estimated Corporate India's sales to grow by what per cent in 2011-12?





The major minerals found in Uttar Pradesh are





Hatf-2 a short range surface to surface ballistic missile was recently successfully tested by -





Which of the following places in India is NOT rich in oil?





According to latest government data released in December 2009, industrial production grew by an impressive – per cent in October, 2009, against 0.1 per cent in 2008.





A committee had been constituted to review taxation in IT sector under the Chairmanship of -





The 16th Summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was held in





_____ of product mix refers to how many variants are offered of each product in the line.




Who wrote the Book- "Four Essays on Liberty".





Gilt-edged market refers to:






Who became the Ambassador of India to the United States of America in August 2011?






video processor consist of   ____________ and ______________  which store and process images






Australia defended their ICC Women's World Twenty20 title with a four-run win over which of the following countries in the final in Colombo, Sri Lanka on October 7, 2012?






Which of the following throws light on Harrapan Culture?





Golden Temple, Amritsar is India's





The winner of Jnanpith Award for the year 2007, Rahman Rahi writers in





Consent of the People means consent of





Which of the following language was added to the Eighth schedule to the Constitution of India by 21st Constitutional Amendment Act 1967?





The capability of the operating system to enable two or more than two programs to execute simultaneously in a single computer system by using a single processor is …………………….






According to the Asian Develoment Bank Report for Urbanisation, India ranks at-





Which of the following country does not play international cricket match?






What is the full form of Nasscom?





The Ennahda Party has emerged as largest political party in the first elections after the Arab Spring in which among the following countries?






Capital goods are the goods which are





Two resistance of 3Ω and 6Ω respectively are connected to a battery of 18V in series. The current passing through the circuit is





In which of the following cities, NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose laid the foundation of 'Indian National Army'





The influence of which school of paintings is evident in the paintings of the Mughal Court





The growth rate envisaged for Nineth Five year plan was





According to latest government data released in December 2009, industrial production grew by an impressive - per cent in October, 2009, against 0.1 per cent in 2008.





Which of the following authorities can provide for the Grants-in-Aid to the States if it deems necessary?





A typical C + + program has





'HUNGAMA' report of Nandi Foundation is related to -





Consider the following statements: The purpose of adding sodium sulphate and sodium silicate to the detergent in a washing powder is 1. To keep washing powder dry 2. To maintain the alkalinity of the powder Which of the statements is/are correct?





Bhatkhande Sangeet Sansthan, Lucknow became a Deemed University in-





The Non-Cooperation Movement was ultimately withdrawn by Mahatma Gandhi





Who among the following was called Light of Asia?





Which one of the following has a world record of 555 dismissals?





"Shatabdi Expresses" were introduced to coincide with the centenary of





The standard computer keyboard is configured using the____________layout.





Automated Office refers to the merger of ............... in an office environment.






Product Planning includes which of the following?





The new chairman of CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxation) who took charge on August 1, 2011 is -





The mass of one Avogadro number of helium atom is





Which among the following pairs of Country and Currency is correct?






India has emerged as the ______largest investor in the UK in the year 2007?






Who among the following is the leader of the Opposition in the present Lok Sabha?





Who is the author of the book "To a Hunger Free World”?






Which is the first state to introduce e-payment system for commercial tax payers recently ?






The government has decided to declare the World's largest river island Majuli-





Who among the following is known as the guardian of the Public Purse in India?





Which of the following statements regarding the Deccan Traps is/are correct? 1. Intense volcanic activity in the form of fissure eruption took place towards the end of Cretaceous period 2. The volcanic lava spread out in horizontal sheets 3. The regur soil found here is rich in nitrogen select the correct answer using the code given below





For which one of the following items, Tirupur is famous as a huge exporter to many parts of the world





To move to the beginning of a line of text, press the __________key.





Doldrum is an area of





As per the recent announcement by the Government of India about 2200 items from a particular country are now allowed to enter India without payment of any import duty. Which of the following countries will be exporting these items?





A money deposit at a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a preset fixed of time is known as a __________






The Battle of Talikota ended





Expand the term A L M __________?






The census in India is done after a gap of every  






The _____________ folder retains copies of messages that you have started but are not yet ready to send






Gravity setting chambers are used in industries to remove





Akbar was the first Muslim ruler to introduce





As per World Statistics 2008' what approximate percentage of world approximate percentage of world population lives in Asia?





Which two of the following shared Under-19 Asia Cup 2012?





Who is Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia?  






Which of the following nations has decided to increase its co-operation in the field of energy with India?






A Committee was constituted to review the functioning fo the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB) recently. What is the objective of CEIB ?






The well-known personality of Marathas was





Which industry association released a ‘Code on Business Ethics’ for its member companies to ensure transparency in business in July 2011?  






More new-product projects are dropped during _______ than anywhere else in the product-development process.





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