IBPS - General Awareness Test

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1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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_________ was the capital of Pallava Kings.





Two resistance of 3Ω and 6Ω respectively are connected to a battery of 18V in series. The current passing through the circuit is





                                  is the science revolving around the use of nanostructures to build devices on an extremely small scale.





The commonest cancer in Indian population is that of





What is the current Repo Rate, post Reserve Bank of India’s 4th bi-monthly monetary policy statement for 2017-18 announced on 4th  October 2017?






In which case the Dissolution of Bihar Legislative Assembly by Governor before formation of Government was declared un constitutional?





Vasudhi Award for best environmental short film/documentary has been conferred at the recently held International Film Festival in Panaji on





What kind of memory is both static and non - volatile ?






The Cheque/draft validity period is being revised w.e.f. April 1, 2012. What is true regarding stipulation?





The Web Ratna awards are constituted by _____________?





Which one of the following option is not correct for M Damodran Committee?





Which of the following countries is NOT the member of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) which was in news recently ?






On which one of the following issues IMF has supported monetary policy of India?  






The official language of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is





Recently which of the following became the first country in the world to provide a laptop for every child attending state primary school under a programme called One Laptop per Child?





Which one of the following is correct: Rafael Nadal defeated _______ to win his seventh French Open Singles Title.





A selection, choice, or condition involving two possibilities is referred as–






The useful deposit accounts of banks are _________






According to the latest Forbes India 100 richest persons list who is the world's richest Indian with a net worth of $ 22.60 billion?






Germany signed the Armistice Treaty on ____ and World War I ended





The capability of the operating system to enable two or more than two programs to execute simultaneously in a single computer system by using a single processor is …………………….






Smaller and less expensive PC-based servers are replacing ____________in many businesses.





The 10th Basic Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change was organized in February 2012 in ______






Which of the following is NOT one of the highlights Economic Survey presented in the Lok Sabha for the year 2007-08?






Consent of the People means consent of





Which of the following pairings is wrong?(Bank & Country)






The well-known personality of Marathas was





Which one of the following is not an input device?





Which city gets the countries first in India?





Which pair is NOT correctly matched?





According to the U.S. Department of Labor, approximately                % of American workers used computers on the job as of 2001.





The headquarter of all the following international organization are based at Vienna, excepted





Besides USA and France, India has also a Civil Nuclear Deal with ---------






The first World Cup in cricket was held in





Recently the inventor of iPad died. He is …………..?






In the Rajya Sabha, the status have been provided





Where and when was World Meteorological Organization established?






Who wrote the Book- "Four Essays on Liberty".





Under which Article of the Indian Constitution did the President make a reference to the Supreme Court to seek the Court's opinion on the Constitutional validity of the Election Commission's decision on deferring the Gujarat Assembly elections (in the year 2002)?





What is the name of the branded petrol with cleansing additives that is being marketed by HPCL?






Under provisions of which one of the following Acts, the Reserve Bank of india has the power to regulate, supervise and control the banking sector?






Which state government has cancelled four major Special Economic Zones (SEZs) proposed by large business houses-Mahindra, Videocon and India Bulls- after having failed to acquire land for the multi-purpose projects?






The list of India States and Union territories is given in the





Bring out the only incorrect statement





The _________ of a system includes the programs or instructions





Jaguar Land Rover, the British luxury brand which is owned by _________. Fill in the blank with appropriate option





Which of the following is not a Social Development Scheme launched by Government of India?





Number of commands of Air Force are





Reserve Bank of India injected a liquidity of around ___________by slashing down the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) by 25 basis points to 4.50 percent from 4.75 percent





In how many years does a bull get ready for insemination?





In which of the following cities, NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose laid the foundation of 'Indian National Army'





What is the full form of 'POS'?






The copy,cut,and paste features use keyboard shortcuts with the____________key and a keyboard letter.





video processor consist of   ____________ and ______________  which store and process images






Which of the statements is NOT correct?





Who became the Ambassador of India to the United States of America in August 2011?






The _____________ folder retains copies of messages that you have started but are not yet ready to send






Which one among the following statements about stomach is not correct?





Which one of the following is the correct sequence of planets in order of increasing distance from the sun?





Bridge loans refer to __________






Which of these continents has maximum per capita land?





Which of the following Books has been written by M.S. Gore?






All the cost that are Fixed and Variable are charged to





Golden Temple, Amritsar is India's





Richard Thaler has been awarded Nobel Prize 2017 in which category?






 ____________emerged as the largest trading partner of___________in the first quarter of 2012-13?





In Jan’2014 _________ Deputy Governor of RBI retired.





The standard computer keyboard is configured using the____________layout.





According to the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) data released by the Central Statistical Organisation in May 2011, overall growth of Indian industry came down in 2010-11 from 10.5 percent in 2009-10, to





The Versions of UNIX include.





Polymorphism means





Which of the following throws light on Harrapan Culture?





_________is a port-based industrial region.





Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 24 January 2012 cut the cash reserve ratio (CRR) by 50 basis point. The current CRR stands at what percent?





The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has decided to ti-up with which country to tap the latter's expertise in exploiting geo-thermal energy resources recently ?






Which super luxury carmaker on 7 April 2011 unveiled Continental GT sedan in India?





To instruct word to fit the width of a column to the contents of a table automatically, dick the_____ button and then option to auto fit content






The authority to recruit staff for Supreme Court and High Court vests with





A Committee was constituted to review the functioning fo the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB) recently. What is the objective of CEIB ?






Which of the following statements is false?




A file can be created using _______command






"Oscar Awards" are given for the excellence in the field of ______.





The engineering discipline that involves construction of molecularly-sized computing devices is called:





Rare Gases are generally chemically inert because they





Maximum Age to Enter in Kisan Credit Card Scheme is _____





During the recent global slowdown, almost all major countries were in recession. But some countries like ___ and ____ were not going through recession. Which among the following fit in the blanks?  






Recently at a meeting of the cabinet led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the government has raised the budget of the 2010 Commonwealth Games from Rs. 767 crore to ____?





This first step in the transaction processing cycle captures business data through various modes such as optical scanning or at an electronic commerce website _________






The default view in Excel is_____________ View






Bhatkhande Sangeet Sansthan, Lucknow became a Deemed University in-





The ISRO, July 9, 2011, named............., a veteran remote sensing applications scientist, as the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of its marketing arm Antrix Corporation Limited






The winner of Jnanpith Award for the year 2007, Rahman Rahi writers in





Which of the following authorities can provide for the Grants-in-Aid to the States if it deems necessary?





India has emerged as the ______largest investor in the UK in the year 2007?






Energy is measured in the same units as





The confluence of the river Alkananda and Bhagirathi is known as





Which of the following battles marked the real beginning of the Mughal Empire in India?





The S.I.unit of electric charge is:





Devinder Pal Singh became the Chairman and Managing Director of which of the following banks in November 2011?






Which of the following ministries lays down the policies and programmes for the development and regulation of the country's water resources?






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