IBPS - General Awareness Test

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1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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________________ became the president of Egypt on 24 June 2012?





BISYNC is an abbreviation for–






The _________ of a system includes the programs or instructions





Which of the following statements is false?




Which of the following computer language is used for artificial intelligence?






In context of digital payments industry, what does abbreviation ‘PPI’ stand for?






Who is named as the Flying Sikh of India?





Who among the following was called Light of Asia?





Which of the following states has launched 'Panch Parmeshwar Yojana' under which panchayats are allowed to use the fund for developing infrastructure and basis amenities in villages?






Which one of the following honorary ranks has been conferred on M. S. Dhoni by the President Mrs. Pratibha Patil?





Which among the following pairs of Country and Currency is correct?






Which of the following statements regarding the Deccan Traps is/are correct? 1. Intense volcanic activity in the form of fissure eruption took place towards the end of Cretaceous period 2. The volcanic lava spread out in horizontal sheets 3. The regur soil found here is rich in nitrogen select the correct answer using the code given below





A committee had been constituted to review taxation in IT sector under the Chairmanship of -





Tech Mahindra acquired 51% stake in Bharti group owned mobile value added service (VAS) provider limited for 260 crore. What is the name of that value added service provider





Water drops cannot stick to the oily surface due to





Which one of the following statements is not correct about Dadabhai Naoroji?





The default view in Excel is_____________ View






India has emerged as the ______largest investor in the UK in the year 2007?






The chemical name of Vitamin B is





Fast attack warship ………….. commissioned in Indian Navy on 26 August 2011?






Computers use the __________ number system to store data and perform calculations.





In which of the following state, state transport department has lunched smart driving license card under Fully Automated Series Transport (FAST) scheme?






Who is Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia?  






In which case the Dissolution of Bihar Legislative Assembly by Governor before formation of Government was declared un constitutional?





Who is the chairman of the 20th Law Commission of India





During the recent global slowdown, almost all major countries were in recession. But some countries like ___ and ____ were not going through recession. Which among the following fit in the blanks?  






The headquarter of all the following international organization are based at Vienna, excepted





______ has won the ‘Golden Peak Award ’ for excellence in corporate governance 2013.





Which of the following is not an operating system?






Under provisions of which one of the following Acts, the Reserve Bank of india has the power to regulate, supervise and control the banking sector?






Which of the following cities is situated on the river Hudson?





India has signed an agreement to procure Advanced Jet Trainer (Hawk) from which of the following countries ?





Which is India's largest library with a collection of over 190 million volumes of reading and information material





Which one of the following is not an input device?





Which of the following state has been under President's Rule for a long period continuously?





India recently finalised its National Solar Mission. The mission envisages an installed solar energy generation capacity of about





What do you understand by Community Development programmes ?






Consider the following statements: The purpose of adding sodium sulphate and sodium silicate to the detergent in a washing powder is 1. To keep washing powder dry 2. To maintain the alkalinity of the powder Which of the statements is/are correct?





Expand the term A L M __________?






federal Reserves is the Central Bank of----





Which of the following powerpoint view displays each slide of the presentation as a thumbnail and is useful for rearranging slides?






The Web Ratna awards are constituted by _____________?





The Aadhaar - enabled payment system is banking - led model that facilitates banking facilities through banking correspondents across banks. However,Aadhaar enabled basic types of anking transactions do not include






The 10th Basic Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change was organized in February 2012 in ______






Which one of the following states as having the highest Human Development index in the year 2001?





According to the Asian Develoment Bank Report for Urbanisation, India ranks at-





Which of the following terms is used in the field of banking?  






Which state government has cancelled four major Special Economic Zones (SEZs) proposed by large business houses-Mahindra, Videocon and India Bulls- after having failed to acquire land for the multi-purpose projects?






All the cost that are Fixed and Variable are charged to





"Shatabdi Expresses" were introduced to coincide with the centenary of





Who among the following is known as the guardian of the Public Purse in India?





Which of the following is true?





The official language of the Government of India is





'Goitre' is caused due to lack of





Capital goods are the goods which are





What kind of memory is both static and non - volatile ?






A _____ sometimes called a boot sector virus, executes when a computer boots up because it resides in the boot sector of a floppy disk or the master boot record of a hard disk






Which is the first state to introduce e-payment system for commercial tax payers recently ?






________________ are words that  a programing language has set aside for its own use






The use of which of the following devices has given the modern biologist a better insight into the internal structure of cells





The Punjab and Haryana High Court on September 20, 2012 finally removed the "Distributed area" tag of which city, when ceased the implementation of a notification issued in 1983 during the days of terrorism in Punjab?





Where and when was World Meteorological Organization established?






Recently which of the following became the first country in the world to provide a laptop for every child attending state primary school under a programme called One Laptop per Child?





What is the full form of Nasscom?





Which paddy variety is not suitable for upland situation?





____________emerged as the largest trading partner of___________in the first quarter of 2012-13?





Which of the following authorities can provide for the Grants-in-Aid to the States if it deems necessary?





Who among the followings is the Chairman of the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority?






Chittaranjan in West Bengal is well known for its -





Muktinath Temple, a pilgrimage destination for Hindus is situated at which of the following nation?





In the worst fire in Russian history, more than 100 people were killed and still more wounded in a nightclub in the Ural city of – in December 2009.





The language spoken in Lakshadweep island is





The ____________, stored on a ROM chip, is responsible for loading the operating system from  its permanent location on the hard drive into RAM.





Hot deserts like Sahara, Arabia etc. receive very negligible amount of rainfall. This is because they:





A blinking symbol on the screen that shows where the next character will appear—






'HUNGAMA' report of Nandi Foundation is related to -





As per World Statistics 2008' what approximate percentage of world approximate percentage of world population lives in Asia?





Polymorphism means





According to latest government data released in December 2009, industrial production grew by an impressive – per cent in October, 2009, against 0.1 per cent in 2008.





Who is the author of the book 'Termites in the Trading System'?






If force is expressed in Newton and the distance in metre, then the work done is expressed in





When did Ashoka became emperor of India





A result of a computer virus can not lead to ___






"Oscar Awards" are given for the excellence in the field of ______.





On 22nd December, which of the following places has the largest day and shortest night?





In Jan’2014 _________ Deputy Governor of RBI retired.





Bile is synthesized in





The major minerals found in Uttar Pradesh are





Wheat is called a Rabi Crop because –





Which two of the following shared Under-19 Asia Cup 2012?





Which one of the following is correct about the expenses of a State Public Service Commission?





Bhatkhande Sangeet Sansthan, Lucknow became a Deemed University in-





Which of the following pairs of River Dam Projects is NOT correct?





Who was appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of Levi Strauss & Co?





Jaguar Land Rover, the British luxury brand which is owned by _________. Fill in the blank with appropriate option





                                    is a set of computer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks.





________________ discovered the sea route to India.





Which of the following countries has decided to give a 20% subsidy to its farmers even though they are rich?





Which of the following nations has decided to increase its co-operation in the field of energy with India?






Which among the following pairs of Country & Capital is NOT Correct?






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