English - Error Correction Test

Test Instructions :

1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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A friendship founded on business is best than a business founded on friendship






What does the author recommend to ensure that the industrial sector continues to perform better?






Find the error, if any, in the underlined portion in BOLD, if none mark 5 as your answer.






Though the country / has got independent / in 1947,many districts / still have no electricity.






Despite taking steps to / encourage foreign investment / there has been any / substantial improvement in our economy.






Driven by the desire to save trees, a)/ residents of a locality b)/ has started using solar appliances c)/ for their everyday needs. d)/ No error. e)






What was the old priests definition of a human being?






India demonstrates its supremacy a)/ in space when it successfully b)/ launched its third satellite c)/into orbit yesterday. d)/ No error. e)






The committee has prescribed A)/ a code of conduct B)/ about the recovery agents C)/ appointed by banks. D)/ No error E)






Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in bold as used in the passage. Banished






‘Allah’, he said, rising his face towards the star- spangled black sky, “punish me as much as you like- Mahesh died with thirst on his lips.”






He postponed making a decision until he been given complete information.






Let me do this.





The salaries and the perks of the employees in this institution are not in according with the rest of the industry.






The revized (A) rates (B) of interest will be effective (C) immediately. (D) All correct (E)






The two candidates share/ a reputation for/ competency as well as/ for good communication skills.






It is necessary to ascertain that we can do to attract investment to the manufacturing sector.






China has to be prepared to meet many age-related social and financial challenges in the coming years.






  Find the error, if any, in the underlined portion in BOLD, if none mark 5 as your answer.






Power to expression has the ability to overcome, neutralise, change or strengthen the transient impression formed on others by one’s initial facial appearance.











Foreign businesses in developing countries have usually problems with lack of infrastructure and rigid laws.






It is noteworthy to note that India had pioneered the use of non-cash based payment systems.






One of the base laws of nature is that adaptability is the price of survival






Why do certain countries use selective tactics against developing countries?






We wanted to portray a sense of normalcy




The soldiers deployed in the town were instructed to exercising restraint and handle the situation peacefully.






Kidnappers had telephoned the victim’s father from a public booth to conceal his identity.






The Company has decided (A)/ to allott (B)/ a substantial (C)/ portion (D)/of its profits to research and development. All correct (E).






It is crucially / to obtain the Board's approval / for the terms and conditions /of the merger. //






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