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1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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In PHP programming literal is a





Select the incorrect statement about PHP programming language





PHP does not have an built in support for which one of the following ?





What array will you get if you convert an object to an array?





The FTP functions are used to ....... files from file servers.






Which of the following statements causes PHP to disregard repeated error messages that occur within the same file and on the same line?





Which of the following type cast is not correct?





Which one of the following functions finds the last occurrence of a string, returning its numerical position?





In PHP language PEAR stands for





Which function effectively deletes all sessions that have expired?





Which of the following is/are an exception? i) OutOfBoundException ii) OutOfRangeException iii) OverflowException iv) UnderflowException





Which of the following can you place inside a namespace?





__clone() is run on the ___ object.





Which of the following PHP function is commonly used when handling authentication via PHP? i) header() ii) footer() iii) inset() iv) isset()





What is the default value of max_input_time directive?





Which of the following operations cannot be performed using the standard ftp:// stream wrapper? 





Which one of the following functions is used to search a string?





Which class accepts a class name or an object reference and returns an array of interface name?





Which one of the following preg PHP function is used to do a find and replace on a string or an array?





Which function displays the web page’s most recent modification date?





Which of the following functions do not return a timestamp? 






How many error levels are available in PHP?





How would you start a session?





Which function is used to transform PHP’s session-handler behavior into that defined by your custom handler?





The ............. statement is used to delete a table.





Which of the following statements is incorrect with regard to interfaces?





How many types of filtering are present in PHP?





Which one of the following statements can be used to select the database?





Can joins be nested?



Which character do the error_reporting directive use to represent the logical operator NOT?





Which one of the following preg PHP functions is used to take a string, and put it in an array?





Which version of PHP introduced Try/catch Exception?





Which one of the following filter is used to filter several variables with the same or different filters?





Which one of the following methods in the exception class, is used to get a nested exception object?





What will be the output of the following code? echo 30*5 . 7;






In PHP in order to access MySQL database you will use:





Which function is used to erase all session variables stored in the current session?





What will be the output if we replace the line $num = preg_grep(“/[0-5]/”, $number); with $num = preg_grep(“/[0-5]/”, $number, PREG_GREP_INVERT);?





What will be the output if a protected method is given as argument to the function method_exist()?





+ is the visibility code for?





Which two predefined variables are used to retrieve information from forms?





Which one of the following will you use to check the class of an object?





The ......... function parses an English textual date or time into a Unix timestamp 





Which of the following multithreaded servers allow PHP as a plug-in?





Which function initializes the constants necessary for using the openlog(), clodelog(), and syslog() functions?





When you’re uploading files you need to set the enctype of the form to ___.





What does PHP stand for? i) Personal Home Page ii) Hypertext Preprocessor iii) Pretext Hypertext Processor iv) Preprocessor Home Page





Which Apache directive outputs Apache’s server version, server name, port and compile-in modules?





You need to count the number of parameters given in the URL by a POST operation. The correct way is:





You are using sessions and session_register() to register objects. These objects are serialized automatically at the end of each PHP page and are de-serialized automatically on each of the following pages. Is this true or false?



The inbuilt function to get the number of parameters passed is





Which one of the following statements should be used to include a file?





Which symbol is used to declare nested namespaces?





Which relationship is illustrated by a line that begins with an unfilled diamond?





How many ways can a session data be stored?





During PHP installation which function creates a HTML page to display records how PHP was installed ?





Variables/functions in PHP don't work directly with





What function can you use to create your own streams using the PHP stream wrappers and register them within PHP?





Which one of the following statements should be used to disable just the fopen(), and file() functions?





Which of the following are useful for method overloading?





Which one of the following is displayed in the third section of the class diagram?





Which directive determines whether PHP scripts on the server can accept file uploads?





Which one of the following should not be used while sending passwords or other sensitive information?





Which directive determines how the session information will be stored?





Which of the following is Ternary Operator?






Which of the following is not supported in PHP5?






Which of the following are valid PHP stream transports? 





___ code makes change easier because the impact of altering an implementation will be localized to the component being altered.





Before you can start processing images with PHP, you must first add the ability to upload images to your administrative form on ___.





What is the default port number of HTTP’s?





Which of the following is/are an external data? i) Cookies ii) Input data from a form iii) Server Variables iv) Web services data





The session_start() function must appear..





The URLs in the administrative links won’t mean anything to admin.php unless you modify ___.





Which class name is reserveed in PHP ?





What will happen at the end of the following sequence of SQL commands?   BEGIN TRANSACTION DELETE FROM MYTABLE WHERE ID=1 DELETE FROM OTHERTABLE ROLLBACK TRANSACTION  






What is the difference between print() and echo()?






Which method introduced in PHP 5, is invoked just before an object is garbage collected?





Which of the following is/are not an exception? i) BadFunctionCallException ii) BadMethodCallException iii) LogicException iv) DomainException





Which one of the following function checks for the existence of DNS records?





Parameter flags was added in which version of PHP?





Which of the following are valid PHP stream transports? 





Which one of the following statements is true for include_once() and require_once()?





The extent to which proximate procedures are related to one another is known as…





Which directive should we disable to obscure the fact that PHP is being used on our server?





There are three different kind of arrays:





Which of the following is a PHP resource?





Suppose all web material is located within the directory /home/www. To prevent users from viewing and manipulating files such as /etc/password, which one of the following statements should you use?





The windows version of PHP has built-in support for the FTP extension



We can use ___ to comment a single line? i) /? ii) // iii) # iv) /* */





Which one of the following is know as the key to object-oriented programming ?





Which one of the following function should I use to find the parent class of a class?





If the directive session.cookie_lifetime is set to 3600, the cookie will live until..





You can extend the exception base class, but you cannot override any of the preceding methods because the are declared as..





How many times can you define __autoload in a process?





A bidirectional relationship in class diagrams is described by..





PHP 4 did not support instanceof. Instead, which function did it provide?





Which one of the following statements should you use to set the session username to Nachi?





Which keyword can be used to fix the above error?





Till which version of PHP, developers were forced to name their files in a global context?





Which of the following statements is used to add an attachment to the mail?





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