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$http service is used to make an Ajax call to server.



In two-way binding, changes done to a model are reflected in the view, but the reverse also holds true sometimes.



First the HTML document is loaded into the browser, and evaluated by the browser. At this time the AngularJS . . . . . . .





Which of the followings are validation directives?





The . . . . . . directive is one of the most fundamental directives in AngujarJS. The . . . . . directive inserts the result of an expression into the HTML template.





The ng-model directive is used for __________.





What is service in AngularJS?





ng-bind binds the AngularJS Application data to HTML tags.



In MVC . . . . . . helps you to execute logic while MVC action is executed or its executing. 





The MVC architecture creates the benefits of . . . . . . . of the system. 





You cannot use AngularJS directives to tell AnguluarJS how to mix the data into the HTML template.



AngularJS can show or hide HTML depending on the state of data in the model. You do so using a set of AngularJS directives such as . . . . . . which are created specifically for that purpose. 





currency filter is applied to an expression using pipe character.



Controller directly refers the view or manipulates it.



Which of the following service is used to retrieve or submit data to the remote server?





The . . . . . directive is used if you want to add or remove HTML elements from the DOM based on data in the model.





ng-app directive defines and links an AngularJS application to HTML.



Custom directives are used in AngularJS to extend the functionality of HTML.



Is AngularJS code unit testable?



AngularJS filters ___________.





AngularJS supports . . . . . kind(s) of data binding.





The drawback of inline bindings is that AngularJS will not find and process every set of {{ and }} characters in your content.



AngularJS directives can be written in HTML element as





The view is made with . . . . . . . 





Model available in $rootScope can be overridden by its all child scopes.



Which of the following service is used to handle uncaught exceptions in AngularJS?





AngularJS expressions are written using.





AngularJS directives are used in ________.





AngularJS bindings are . . . . . , meaning that when the value associated with the binding is changed (in the data model), the HTML element will be updated.





What is Model in MVC?





Which of the following directive bootstraps AngularJS framework?





Which of the following provider can be used to configure routes?





Which of the following is true about orderby filter?





Scope act as glue between controller and view.



currency filter is applied to an expression using pipe character.



AngularJS expressions behave in same way as ng-bind directives.



You can use . . . . . class to send the result back in JSON format in MVC. 





If the data obtained from the model contains HTML elements, these are escaped before being inserted into the HTML template. The escaping means that the HTML is displayed as text, and not as HTML. This is done to prevent . . . . 





You can create bindings only for the data values that are added to the . . . . . object by the controller.





MVC framework is defined in . . . . . Assembly.





Any change to the . . . . and . . . . . properties affects these bindings and consequently the user interface content.





Which of the following is true about ng-model directive?





For controller action method . . . . . returns nothing as the result. 





You can use the . . . . . . directive, in order to bind the innerHTML of the element to the specified model property.





The ng-bind directive . . . . . . allow you to hide your template markup when the HTML content is shown to the user before it is processed by AngularJS.



We need to tell AngularJS what part of our HTML page contains the AngularJS app. You do so by adding the . . . . attribute to the root HTML element of the AngularJS app.





In controllers, model data is accessed via $scope object.



Which of the following directive allows us to use form?





The ng-bind directive binds ____________.





In AngularJS, Scope contains the model data.



AngularJS is based on the . . . . . . pattern.





Which components can be injected as a dependency in AngularJS?





What is $scope?





MVC is composed of three components.





In MVC, the model is responsible for managing the data of the application. 



Which of the following is validation css class in AngularJS





Which of the following is true about provider?





Which of the following statements are true?





Which of the following is true about currency filter?





AngularJS module can be created using ________.





There is a controller which takes single parameter. We call it . . . . . parameter.





Which of the following is a valid AngularJS expression?





The MVC architecture does not creates the benefits of . . . . . . . of the system. 





AngularJS never regenerates the HTML again.



The ng-change directive must be used with ng-model directives.





Which of the following statements are true?





When adding . . . . . and . . . . . . to a view, we are essentially instructing Angular to create data bindings that keep the model and view in sync.





AngularJS applications are a mix of . . . . . .





Which of the following module is required for routing?





. . . . . helps you to maintain data when you move from controller to view. 





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