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1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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The __________ method returns a document that includes a metrics field.





Map-reduce uses custom __________ functions to perform the map and reduce operations.





If your storage system does not support snapshots, you can copy the files directly using :





To describe the message structure, a ________ like struct is used.





Instance exits cleanly is represented by ___ exit code





$multiply __________ numbers to return the result.





Which of the following database command is used for mapreduce function ?





Replica set configuration requires that the _______ have a value that is consistent among all members of the set.





Delayed members are a ________ or a running “historical” snapshot of the data set





Select the correct statement :





Use the __________ option to ensure that MongoDB listens for connections from applications on configured addresses.





Select the correct statement :





MongoDB stores all documents in :





Use __________ to encrypt communication between mongod and mongos components of a MongoDB client as well as between all applications and MongoDB.





MongoDB applies the _________ phase, which collects and condenses the aggregated data.





Indexes are typically available in ______ or located sequentially on disk.





_______ returns the remainder of the first number divided by the second.





Select the wrong statement :





Which of the following will display complete list of available cursor flags ?





Select the wrong statement :





MongoDB provides a ________ index type that supports searching for string content in a collection.





Point out the correct statement :





_______ is /srv/mongodb, which specifies where MongoDB will store its data files





MongoDB scales horizontally using _________ for load balancing purpose.





Select the correct statement:





Which of the following operation adds a new document to the users collection ?





The update() method uses the _______ command, which uses the default write concern.





Backup can also create snapshots of _________ that are run as single-member replica sets.





_______ may block reads, including those necessary to verify authentication.





MongoDB written in ?





With ___________ enabled, MongoDB forces all clients to identify themselves before granting access to the server.





MongoDB process collection of documents using _________ operations.





To generate pseudo-random data to use for a keyfile, issue the following __________ command.





Which of the field is reserved for use as a primary key ?





Documents enter a multi-stage __________ that transforms the documents into an aggregated result.





Select the correct statement :





MongoDB also supports user-defined indexes on multiple fields called :





In MongoDB, _________ operations modify the data of a single collection.





The aggregation pipeline can use ___________ to improve its performance during some of its stages.





In sharded clusters, delayed members have limited utility when the __________ is enabled.





Which of the following code is used for successful exit of task ?





String expressions, with the exception of ________ only have a well-defined behavior for strings of ASCII characters.





Which of the following query is used to generate a new ObjectId, use the ObjectId() constructor with no argument





_____ bit builds of mongod enable journaling by default.





_______ divides the data set and distributes the data over multiple servers, or shards.





____________ are operations that process data records and return computed results.





Which of the following sets the database profiler level ?





Point out the wrong statement :





A query may include a ___________ that specifies the fields from the matching documents to return.





Select the wrong statement :





An ________ query plan has returned a threshold number of matching results





$ne returns true if the values are not _______





______ returns true if the first value is less than the second.





_______ scaling adds more CPU and storage resources to increase capacity.





Point out the wrong statement :





MongoDB supports the execution of JavaScript code for certain server-side operations like:





What would be the maximum document size for results of mapreduce operation ?





If you create the user administrator before enabling access control, MongoDB disables the ________ exception.





Which of the following is used to display the replica set configuration object ?





Select the wrong statement :





MongoDB supports fixed-size collections called ____________ collections.





Running data aggregation on the ________ instance simplifies application code and limits resource requirements.





An index cannot cover a query on a _______ collection when run against a mongos if the index does not contain the shard key.





The ________ message is used to update a document in a collection.





Which of the following provide acceptable performance levels for multiple mongod instances?





___________ is used to determine whether a query is a covered query .





MongoDB uses ______ indexes to index the content stored in arrays.





_________ allows only one agent of each type per machine and will remove additional agents.





Which of the following operator is not very selective ?





Select the wrong statement :





Which of the following flag can be set by mongo shell





Setting _______ enables authentication and specifies a key file for the replica set member use to when authenticating to each other.





Object_Id is similar to _________ key in Relational Databases





______________ specifies the number of documents to return in each batch of the response from the MongoDB instance.





If you use the localhost exception when deploying a new MongoDB system, the first user you create must be in the ________ database.





Sharded clusters snapshots temporarily stop the balancer via :





To provide high availability and data consistency, in a production sharded cluster, each shard is a :





In which format MongoDb store the data.





Ops Manager _________ provides an interface for configuring MongoDB nodes and clusters and for upgrading your MongoDB deployment.





Select the wrong statement :





A query _______ consists of a combination of query, sort, and projection specifications.





In the mongo shell, you can access the creation time of the ObjectId, using the ______ method..





MongoDB indexes use a _______ data structure.





The agent ships initial sync and oplog data over HTTPS back to:





Select the correct statement :





Point out the wrong statement :





Select the correct statement :





Which of the following document configures the threshold which determines whether a query is “slow” for the purpose of the logging system ?





How many types of sharding exist in MongoDB ?





Which of the following operation can be optionally used for map reduce ?





Point out the wrong statement :





What is the size of Chunk by default ?





GridFS uses a _________ index on the chunks collection for the files_id and n fields.





The ______ index is unique and prevents clients from inserting two documents with the same value for the _id field.





MongoDB supports the creation of user-defined ascending/descending indexes on a ______ field of a document.





_______ adds numbers to return the sum, or adds numbers and a date to return a new date.





Ops Manager reads directly from the Backup Blockstore database and transfers files either through :





Ops Manager maintains one _____ database for each backed-up replica set





Point out the correct statement :





________ subtracts two dates to return the difference in milliseconds





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