Aptitude - Data Interpretation Test

Test Instructions :

1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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What is the average percentage of marks obtained by all the students in Subject ‘A’?






A Rs. 35000 crore JSW Steel Plant was inaugurated in November 2008 in ----






45 men can do a piece of work in 20 days. How many men would be required to do the same work in 30 days?






In which year was the per capita availability of tea minimum?





For which of the following years, percentage increase/ decrease in the number of students studying Commerce with respect to the previous year is the maximum?






What is the difference between the per cent profit in 1999-2000 and that in 2000-2001?






What is the percentage increase in the total number of cars sold this year when compared to the total number of cars sold in the previous year?





Karan and Arjun run a 100-metre race, where Karan beats Arjun by 10 metres. To do a favour to Arjun, Karan starts 10 metres behind the starting line in a second 100-metre race. They both run at their earlier speeds. Which of the following is true in connection with the second race





Cause: Incessant rains have lashed the city during the past forty eight hours. Which of the following can be a possible effect of the above cause? (A) The transport systems of the city have come to complete halt for the past twenty four hours. (B) Many low lying areas of the city are submerged under water. (C) Many people living in slums are shifted to municipal schools. -,.






If company E employees decide to shift from Alliance to Shergil, and each employee makes1000 calls and sends 200 SMS, what is the estimated monthly savings for the company on themobile phone bill of all its employees?





Ajit Singh wants to travel a distance of 15 kms. He starts his journey by Type A vehicle. After travelling 6 kms, he changes the vehicle to Type B for the remaining distance. How much money will he be spending in all?






Total number of students of qualified in the exam from School-P over all the years together was approximately what percentage of total number of students who qualified in the exam from both the schools together in the year 2006 and 2007 together?






The number' of students studying Agriculture in the year 1999 is what per cent of the total number of students studying rest of the disciplines together during that year? (Rounded off to two digits after decimal)






What should come in place of question mark (?) 121 114 105 94 81 66 (?)






How many students have got 60% or more marks in all the subjects?






What is the percentage increase in expenditure from 1996 to 1998?






What is the average mark obtained by the six students in Philosophy out of 75?






A candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 35% marks to pass. But he secured only 40 marks and failed by 30 marks. What would be the maximum marks of test?






The ratio of actual spending on food in 2005 to that in 1980 is:






If the expenditure of Company B increased by 20% from 1995 to 1996, the income in 1996 will be how many times the income in 1995?






What is the ratio of the number of units manufactured in the year 2003 to the number of units manufactured in the year 2007?






Which of the following statements is correct about the cumulative production of the plant from the year 1999 to the year 2004





What is the respective ratio of the students having Finance as specialisation to that of students having HR as specialisation?






Which five consecutive months have the lowest average cost per man-month under the new technique?





The total cost of major investment projects sanctioned in andhra pradesh in 1995 was Rs.63,243 crores. This has increased by 16% in 1996. Approximately what percentage of the cost of investment projects sanctioned are for chittoor and khammam districts together in 1996?





In a watch, the minute hand crosses the hour hand for the third time exactly after every 34hrs., 18 min., 15 seconds of watch time. What is the time gained or lost by this watch in one day?






The total number of workers working in the shifts 1230 P.M.- 6.30 P.M. and 6.30 P.M.-12.30 A.M. in factory E isapproximately what per cent of the total number of workers working in the same shifts in Factory A?






For Company A, in which year is the percentage increase/ decrease in the production from the previous year the highest?






In how many of the given years was the production of Milk more than the average production of the given years?





If the income of the company in the year 2007 was Rs. 45 lakhs, what was the expenditure of the company in the year?






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