Aptitude Test

Test Instructions :

1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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The internet represents that awkward _______ in all communication systems; while it _______ to bring us together, it keeps us apart





How many words can be formed from the letters of the word "SIGNATURE" so that vowels always come together.





A grocer has a sale of Rs. 6435, Rs. 6927, Rs. 6855, Rs. 7230 and Rs. 6562 for 5 consecutive months. How much sale must he have in the sixth month so that he gets an average sale of Rs. 6500?





By selling a pen for Rs. 15, a man loses one-sixteenth of what it costs him. The cost price of the pen is:





Fi nd the next term in the series 123, 129, 141, 147, ______





If (√3)5 x 92 = 3n x 3√3, then the value of n is:





In a fibonacci series, difference between squares of 6th and 7th terms was 517. What is the 8th term?





If 3x – 5y = 5 and x/x + y = 5/7, then what is the value of x – y ?  






If 8% of x = 4% of y, then 20% of x is :





E= (2 x 5 x 10)/(1600)1/2W = (4 x 5 x 16)/(32 x 50)1/2    





0.01 X 0.1 - 0.001 ÷10 + 0.01 = ?






If 4x + 5y = 83 and 3x/2y = 21/22, then y-x = ?





A and B are two stations 300 km apart. Two trains T1 and T2 start from A and B respectively, towards each other at the same time. T1 reaches B nine hours and T2 reaches A four hours after they meet. Find the difference between the speeds of T1 and T2





The difference between a discount of 35% and successive discounts of 20% and 20% on a certam bill 22. Find the amount of the bill.






Kamal started a business investing Rs.900.After 5 months,Sameer joined with a capital of  Rs.8000.If at the end of the year,they earn a profit of  Rs.6970,then what will be the share of Sameer in profit?





A and B can do a piece of work in 45 days and 40 days respectively. They began to do the work together but A leaves after some days and then B completed the remaining work in 23 days. The number of days after which A left the work was:





H.C.F. of two polynomials is a + 5 and their L.C.M. is (a + 5) (a + 4) (a – 1). If one of the polynomial is a2+ 4a – 5,then the other polynomial is





How many kilograms of sugar costing Rs. 9 per kg must be mixed with 27kg of sugar costing Rs.7 per kg so that there may be gain of 10% by selling the mixture at Rs.9.24 per kg?





(log5 3)X(log3 625) equals





Sam purchased 20 dozens of toys at the rate of Rs. 375 per dozen. He sold each one of them at the rate of Rs. 33. What was his percentage profit?





When processing flower-nectar into honeybees' extract, a considerable amount of water gets reduced. How much flower-nectar must be processed to yield 1kg of honey, if nectar contains 50% water, and the honey obtained from this nectar contains 15% water?





A and B can do a work in 10 days. B and C in 12 days while C and A in 15 days. How long would they take if all the three work together?






If log 32x=0.8, then x is equal to





The square root of (2722 – 1282) is:





If a*b=a2+b2 then 3*5 is equal to






The population of city is 80,000. If it increases 11% in the first year and decreases by 9% in the second year, what will be the population of the city after two years?






What is the proportion of Government internet owners to the Private internet owners in the period 1999-2000?






Car A covered the distance of 448 km in 8 hours and Car B covered 110 km more than Car A in 9 hours. What is the ratio between the speed of Car A and Car B respectively?






If the ratio of sec w to cosec w is 1:7, then the ratio of tan w to cot w is






A number when decreased by 14% of it, gives 215. What is the number?





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