Reasoning - Verbal Reasoning Question And Answers

Two letters are selected at random from the set of English alphabets. What is the probability that both are vowels?  

A.  2/65

B.  1/13

C.  2/5

D.  5/16

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As he ....... the papers, he found that one paper...... from the room.

A.  examined....... had disappeared

B.   was examining........ disappeared

C.  examine...... disappear


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He ........ when I ........ my last letter to you.

A.  did not arrive....... finished

B.  has not arrived...... had finished

C.  had not arrived....... finished


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Infra red is to heat ultraviolet is to ……..?

A.   Cancer

B.  Blisters

C.  Mutation

D.  Ozone

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A.  Aabab

B.  Ababa

C.  Baaba

D.  Bbaba

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Village P is towards which direction of village R?I.Village R is to the South-East of village T and T is to the North of village?II.Village Q is to the South of village P and to the South-West of village R

A.  1

B.  2

C.  3

D.  4

E.  5

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Statements : All switches are plugs. Some plugs are bulbs. All bulbs are sockets. Conclusions :  I. Some sockets are plugs. II. Some plugs are switches.

A.  if only conclusion I is true.

B.  if only conclusion II is true.

C.  if either conclusion I or conclusion II is true.

D.  if neither conclusion I nor conclusion II is true

E.   if both conclusions I and II are true.

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