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Test Instructions :

1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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Which of the below statements is equivalent to $add += $add ?





Which one of the following statements should be used to disable the use of two classes administrator and janitor?





You are using sessions and session_register() to register objects. These objects are serialized automatically at the end of each PHP page and are de-serialized automatically on each of the following pages. Is this true or false?



Which of the following is not supported in PHP5?






To create an object and set the date to JUNE 22, 2013, which one of the following statement should be executed?





Which one of the following functions will convert a string to all uppercase?





Which one of the following methods recuperates any memory consumed by a result set?





When a user confirms that he wishes to delete an entry, that entry’s URL is passed to a function which removes the entry from the ___.





The ftp_mkdir() function creates a directory on the FTP server.





The FTP functions are used to ....... files from file servers.






Which of the following multithreaded servers allow PHP as a plug-in?





which of the following is a correct declaration?





Which of the following printing construct/function accpets multiple parameters?





Which one of the following will you use to check the class of an object?





Which function is used to erase all session variables stored in the current session?





How many times can you define __autoload in a process?





Which function was introduced to help automate the inclusion of class files?





Which one of the following is the correct way of declaring a namespace?





Which function is used to transform PHP’s session-handler behavior into that defined by your custom handler?





Which method scope prevents a method from being overridden by a subclass?





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