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Test Instructions :

1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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If 2*3 =√13 and 3*4 =5, then the value 5*12 is:





The term bit is short for   






The difference between simple and compound interests compounded annually on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 4% per annum is Re. 1. The sum (in Rs.) is:





Use suitable alternative He is desirous _____ visiting Delhi.





In how many distinguishably different ways can a cube be painted using at most two colours - White and Black - such that each face is coloured with exactly one of the two given colours?






In an election between two candidates, one got 55% of the total valid votes, 20% of the votes were invalid. If the total number of votes was 7500, the number of valid votes that the other candidate got, was:





Automated Office refers to the merger of ............... in an office environment.






A term relating to sending data to a satellite is ______






2, 12, 30, 56, ?, 132, 182





If 4x + 5y = 83 and 3x/2y = 21/22, then y-x = ?





The Versions of UNIX include.





The cross-section of a canal is trapezium in shape. The canal is 12m wide at the top and 8 m wide at the bottom. If the area of the cross-section is 840sq.m, the depth of the canal is:





If AT=20, BAT=40 thenCAT will be equal to





In a watch, the minute hand crosses the hour hand for the third time exactly after every 34hrs., 18 min., 15 seconds of watch time. What is the time gained or lost by this watch in one day?






Headquarter of Canara Bank is situated at





Which of the following is not a likely cause of readiness, shown by people towards adolescents?






Vasudhi Award for best environmental short film/documentary has been conferred at the recently held International Film Festival in Panaji on





When somebody talks or acts ______, we say he is mentally ______





At the rate at which India’s population is growing, it is destined to be on collision course





A, B, C enters into a partnership investing Rs 35000 Rs 45000 and Rs 55000 respectively. The respective shares of A, B and C in annual profit of Rs 40,500 are





What will be the ratio of simple interest earned by certain amount at the same rate of interest for 6 years and that for 9 years?






You organize files by storing them in ---






Seats for Mathematics, Physics and Biology in a school are in the ratio 5 : 7 : 8. There is a proposal to increase these seats by 40%, 50% and 75% respectively. What will be the ratio of increased seats?





If a=b2-b,b34,then a2 -2a is always divisible by





In how many ways can the letters of the word ’RUMOUR’ be arranged





Statements: Some buildings are sofas.Some sofas are benches. Some benches are tables. Conclusions : (I) Some table is sofa. (II) No table is sofa.






Which word does NOT belong with the others?





Let x1, x2, ..., be positive integers in A.P. such that x1 + x2 + x3 = 12 and x4 + x6 = 14. Then x5 is





A _________ is an electronic device that processes data, converting it into information





Even after reducing the marked price of a transistor by Rs. 32, a shopkeeper makes a profit of 15%. If the cost price be Rs. 320, what percentage of profit would he have made if he had sold the transistor at the marked price?





12 men complete a work in 9 days. After they have worked for 6 days, 6 more men join them. How many days will they take to complete the remaining works?






If 2x + 3y -31, y – z - 4 and x + 2z – 11, then what is the value of x + y + z ?





The average of 10 scores is 80. When the highest and the lowest scores are dropped the average is 81. If the highest score is 92, find the lowest score.





Leisure must be carefully and……….only otherwise the devil will get the …………….of you.






The value of √0.16/0.4 is





Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Find the one which is different from the other four.






Encryption and decryption are functions of






There are several primary categories of procedures. Which of the following is not a primary category of procedures






What is the sum of ‘n’ terms in the series: logn? log?(m2 / n??) + log?(m3 / n2) + ?log(?m4 / n3)





Which of the following trend might be considered as not healthy for Indian economy?






180% of 25501 + 50% of 28999 = ?






A man purchased 40 fruits; apples and oranges for Rs 17. Had he purchased as many as oranges as apples and as many apples as oranges, he would have paid Rs 15. Find the cost of one pair of an apple and an orange





According to the data released by the Commerce and Industry Ministry on 30 January 2012, the growth rate of eight core industries slowed down to what per cent in December 2011 from  6.3 per cent in December 2010?





Which of the following statement is/are TRUE about 11th Five Year Plan? (A) The Gross Budgetary Support (GBS) has been fixed nearly 11.5 percent higher atRs.20 lakh cr. (B) The eleventh plan envisages an average nine percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the first 4 years. (C) The overall investment is of Rs. 3600000 cr. (D) 7 crore new jobs that will be created to reduce the incidence of poverty by 10 percentage points.






Which is the first state to introduce e-payment system for commercial tax payers recently ?






A banana costs Rs. 2.25 and an apple costs Rs. 3.00. What will be the total cost of 4 dozen of bananas and 3 dozen of apples?






If 20 – 4 = 10 and 30 – 6 = 10 then 40 – 8 = ?





The length of a rectangle is twice its breadth. If its length is decreased by 5 cm and breadth is increased by 5 cm, the area of the rectangle is increased by 75 sq.cm. What is the length of the rectangle?





His absence at the crucialmeeting cannot be ____ as he ____ the country at important international fora.






Should there be a ban on recruiting women employees in companies required to work in night shifts? I. No, the companies should instead arrange for transport up to the doorsteps of the employees. II. Yes, it is necessary in view of the increasing number of cases of rape/molestation and cheating.






The perimeter of a right-angled triangle is 60 cm. Its hypotenuse is 26 cm. The area of the triangle is





The average weight of A, B and C is 45 kg. If the average weight of A and B be 40 kg and that of B and C be 43 kg, then the weight of B is:





The cost of Type 1 material is Rs. 15 per kg and Type 2 material is Rs.20 per kg. If both Type 1 and Type 2 are mixed in the ratio of 2 : 3, then what is the price per kg of the mixed variety of material?





The Company has decided (A)/ to allott (B)/ a substantial (C)/ portion (D)/of its profits to research and development. All correct (E).






9050 ÷ 40=?  






Recently which of the following became the first country in the world to provide a laptop for every child attending state primary school under a programme called One Laptop per Child?





A team of 8 persons joins in a shooting competition. The best marksman scored 85 points. If he had scored 92 points, the average score for the team would have been 84. The number of points, the team scored was





A car travels a distance of 360km at a uniform speed. If speed of the car is 20km/hr more then time is 3 hrs. less.The original speed of car was:





If r varies directly as n and r/m = 10, then what is the value of r when m = 2.2?






The H.C.F. of 22 x 33 x 55 , 23 x 32 x 52 x 7 and 24 x 34 x 5 x 72 x 11 is:





If a wire is bent into the shape of a square, then the area of the square is 81sq.cm. When the wire is bent into a semi-circular shape, then the area of the semi-circle will be:





A boat can travel with a speed of 13km/hr in still water .if the speed of the stream is 4km /hr  Find the time taken by the boat to go 68km downstream





A desk to computer is also known as a   






Which of the following ministries lays down the policies and programmes for the development and regulation of the country's water resources?






Find the wrong spelt word in the below





Tickets numbered 1 to 20 are mixed up and then a ticket is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ticket drawn has a number which is a multiple of 3 or 5?





Which of the following means M is the daughter of K?






A wholesaler allows a discount of 10% on cash payment. The value of the article for which the customer paid Rs. 180 is-





54.35 × 39.87 ÷ 13.35 =?






If  x *y=x2 + y2 – xy, then the value of 9*11 is:





After successive discounts of 12% and 5% an article was sold for Rs. 209. What was the original price of the article?





In a group of 6 boys and 4 girls, four children are to be selected. In how many different ways can they be selected such that at least one boy should be there?





Alcohol cost 3.50 per litre and kerosene oil cost 2.50 per litre. In what proportion these should be mixed so that the resulting mixture may be 2.75 per litre?












100 x 10 -100+2000÷100 =?





The value of(1/3 log10 125- 2log10 4+log10 32) is





Why did the woman’s eldest son not attend the festival ?






When we call others dogmatic, what we really object to is _________ .





If A = x% of y and B = y% of x, then which of the following is true?






Which of the following words cannot be formed from the letters of the key word?






According to latest government data released in December 2009, industrial production grew by an impressive – per cent in October, 2009, against 0.1 per cent in 2008.





If in a certain language ITNIETAM is the code for INTIMATE which word has the code TREVNIETARBL?






It is crucially / to obtain the Board's approval / for the terms and conditions /of the merger. //






Three of the following four are similar in relation to their positions in the English alphabet and hence form a group. Which one does not belong to that group ?





If log 2=0.3010 and log 3=0.4771, then value of log5 512 is





An essential ingredient for effective multimedia presentations incorporates user participation or ---






If x + y > 4 and x < 3, then y > 1 is true.  Is this statement true?





11.6 +9.28 ÷ 0.464 – 0.2828 + 0.07 - ?





From a group of 7 men and 6 women, five persons are to be selected to form a committee so that at least 3 men are there on the committee. In how many ways can it be done?





Which among the following pairs of Country and Currency is correct?






An error in a computer program ______





It is noteworthy to note that India had pioneered the use of non-cash based payment systems.






Which of the following types of tables constraints will prevent the entry of duplicate rows?






The distance between the points (-9, 5) and (-8, -20) is






A 32-bit word computer can access ___ bytes at a time






____________ is data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion.





A controversial plan to build an immense dam in Brazil's rainforest was stalled when it........ a formidable bloc of in ecologists and indigenous tribes alike.






At a certain fast food restaurant, Brian can buy 3 burgers, 7 shakes, and one order of fries for Rs. 120 exactly. At the same place, it would cost Rs. 164.5 for 4 burgers, 10 shakes, and one order of fries. How much would it cost for an ordinary meal of one burger, one shake, and one order of fries ?





Chandrakant is a 30-year-old officer who has worked as sales representative for five years. He is a keen sportsman and actor and has won many prizes in college-university level events. He is ready to pay security deposit of ? 10,000 He has obtained 67%, 58% and 55% marks at B.Sc., WE and Diploma in Business. Management respectively






A train crosses a platform 100 m long in 60 sec at a speed of 45 km/hr. the time taken by the train by the train to cross an electric pole is:





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