Ibps - Aptitude - Profit And Loss

Mr. Bagdi purchased an Air Conditioner for Rs. 12,000/- and sold it for Rs. 15,000/-. What was the profit percentage?

A.  25

B.  35

C.  20

D.  15

E.  None of these

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A shopkeeper purchased 25 items at 36 Rs per item. He spent 100 Rs on transportation of these items. What should be the selling price of each item if he wants to make 22.5% as profit?

A.  49 Rs

B.  45 Rs

C.  47 Rs

D.  51 Rs

E.  None of these

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The price of 2 sarees and 4 shirts is Rs. 1600. With the same money one can buy 1 saree and 6 shirts. If one wants to buy 12 shirts, how much shall he have to pay?

A.  Rs. 1200

B.  Rs. 2400

C.  Rs. 4800

D.   Cannot be determined

E.   None of these

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Pure milk cost  3.60 per litre. A milkman adds water to 25 litres of pure milk and sells the mixture at  per litre. How many litres of water does he add?

A.  2 litres

B.  5 litres

C.  7 litres

D.  11 litres

E.  None of these

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Vivek purchased 120 tables at a price of Rs 110 per table. He sold 30 tables at a profit of Rs 12 per table and 75 tables at a profit of Rs 14 per table. The remaining tables were sold at a loss of Rs 7 per table. What is the average profit per table?

A.  Rs 12.875

B.  Rs 10.04

C.  10.875

D.  Rs 12.80

E.  Rs 13.80

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Arun borrowed a sum of money from  Jayant at the rate of 8% per annum simple interest for the first four years; 10% per annum for the next six years and 12% per annum for the period beyond ten years. If he pays a total of ?12,160 as interest only at the end of 15 years, how much money did he borrow?

A.  ?8000

B.  ?10000

C.  ?12000

D.  ?9000

E.  None of these

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The cost of 9 kgs. of sugar is Rs. 279. What is the cost of 153 kgs. of sugar?

A.  Rs. 3.377

B.  Rs. 4.473

C.  Rs. 4.377

D.  Rs. 4.743

E.  Rs. 4.347

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A shopkeeper buys 144 eggs at 90 paise each. In the way 20 eggs were broken. He sold the remaining eggs at Rs. 1.20 each. The percentage gain or loss is

A.  14.8% gain

B.  12.9% gain

C.  8.5% gain

D.  4.8% gain

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A, B, C enters into a partnership investing Rs 35000 Rs 45000 and Rs 55000 respectively. The respective shares of A, B and C in annual profit of Rs 40,500 are

A.  Rs.10, 500 Rs.13, 500 Rs.16, 500

B.  Rs.11, 500 Rs.13, 000Rs.16, 000

C.  Rs.11, 000 Rs.14, 000 Rs.15, 500

D.  Rs.11, 500 Rs.12, 500 Rs16,500

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A house and a shop were sold for Rs. 1 lakh each. In this transaction, the house sale resulted into 20% loss whereas the shop sale resulted into 20% profit. The entire transaction resulted in:

A.  No loss, no gain

B.  Loss of Rs. 1/12 lakh

C.  Loss of Rs. 1/18 lakh

D.  Gain of Rs. 1/24 lakh

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The percentage profit earned by selling an articles for Rs. 1920 is equal to the percentage loss incurred by selling the same article for Rs. 1280. At what price should the article be sold to make 25% profit?

A.  Rs .2000

B.  Rs. 2200

C.  Rs. 2400

D.  Data inadequate

E.  None of these

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Ranjan purchased 120 tables at a price of Rs. 110 per table. He sold 30 tables at a profit of Rs. 12 per table and 75 tables at a profit of Rs. 14 per table. The remaining tables were sold at a loss of Rs. 7 per table. What is the average profit per table?

A.  Rs. 10.04

B.  Rs. 10.875

C.  Rs. 12.80

D.  Rs. 12.875

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A discount of 15% on one article is the sum as a discount of 20% on another article. The costs of the two articles can be:

A.  Rs. 40, Rs. 20

B.  Rs. 60, Rs. 40

C.  Rs. 80, Rs. 60

D.  Rs. 40, Rs. 60

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After successive discounts of 12% and 5% an article was sold for Rs. 209. What was the original price of the article?

A.  Rs. 226

B.  Rs. 250

C.  Rs. 252

D.  Rs. 269

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A shopkeeper marks up his goods to gain 35%. But he allows 10% discount for cash payment. His profit on the cash transaction therefore, in percentage, is

A.  13 ½

B.  25

C.  21 ½

D.  31 ½

E.  None of these

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By selling 66 metres of cloth a person gains the cost p of 22 metres. Find the gain per cent.  

A.  22%

B.  22 ½%

C.  33%

D.  33 1/3%

E.  None of these

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A man sold 18 cots for Rs. 16,800, gaining thereby the cost price of 3 cots. The cost price of cot is:

A.  Rs. 650

B.  Rs. 700

C.  Rs. 750

D.  Rs. 800

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A man invests Rs. 4400 in stock at 110 and sells when the stock rises to 119. What is profit?

A.  396

B.  380

C.  360

D.  340

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A book dealer allows 16 per cent discount to a retailer and the retailer allows 10 per cent discount to a customer. These both discounts are given on the printed price of the book. If the customer pays Rs 270 for a book and the dealer makes a profit of 5 per cent what is the cost price of the book for the dealer?

A.  Rs 252

B.  Rs 243

C.  Rs 240

D.  Rs 250

E.  Rs 350

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In a certain store, the profit is 320% of the cost. If the cost increases by 25% but the selling price remains constant, approximately what percentage of the selling price is the profit

A.  30%

B.  70%

C.  100%

D.  250%

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A shopkeeper sells some toys at Rs. 250 each. What percent profit does he make? To find the answer, which of the following information given in Statements I and II is/are necessary? I. Number of toys sold. II. Cost price of each toy.

A.  Only I is necessary

B.  Only II is necessary

C.  Both I and II are necessary.

D.  Either I or II is necessary.

E.  None of these

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Find C.P when S.P =Rs 40.60, gain =16%

A.  25

B.  45

C.  35

D.  55

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A shopkeeper purchased 150 identical pieces of calculators at the rate of Rs. 250 each. He spent an amount of Rs .2500 on transport and packing. He fixed the labeled price of each calculator at Rs. 320. However, he decided to give a discount of 5% on the labeled price. What is the percentage profit earned by him?

A.  14%

B.  15%

C.  16%

D.  20%

E.  None of these

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Manoj sold and article for Rs. 15,000. Had he offered a discount of 10% on the selling price he would have earned a profit of 8%. What is the cost price?

A.  Rs. 12,500

B.  Rs. 13,500

C.  Rs. 12,250

D.  Rs. 13,250

E.  None of these.

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A shopkeeper sells a badminton racket, whose marked price is Rs. 30, at a discount of 15% and gives a shuttle cock costing Rs. 1.50 free with each racket. Even then he makes a profit of 20%. His cost price per racket is:

A.  Rs. 19.75

B.  Rs. 20

C.  Rs. 21

D.  Rs. 21.25

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Girish started a business investing Rs. 45,000. After 3 months, Vijay with Rs. 60,000 and After another 6 months, Ankush with Rs. 90,000 joined him. At the end of the year, they made a profit of Rs. 16,500. What is Girish’s share of profit ?

A.  Rs. 5,500

B.  Rs. 6,000

C.  Rs. 6,600

D.  As. 5,900

E.  None of these

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A pineapple costs Rs. 7 each. A watermelon costs Rs. 5 each. X spends Rs. 38 on these fruits. The number of pineapples purchased is:

A.  2

B.  3

C.  4

D.  Data inadequate

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By selling a pen for Rs. 15, a man loses one-sixteenth of what it costs him. The cost price of the pen is:

A.  Rs. 16

B.  Rs. 18

C.  Rs. 20

D.  Rs. 21

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The compound interest on any sum at the rate of 5% lb two years is ?512.50. Find the sum.

A.  ?5200

B.  ?4800

C.  ?5000

D.  ?5500

E.  None of these

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The C.P. of an article is 40% of the S.P. The percent that the S.P is of C.P is:

A.  250

B.  240

C.  60

D.  40

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