English - Word Usage Question And Answers

Why should the government not be given the task of taking care of the concerns of the downtrodden?

A.  Because it usurps the benefits earmarked for them.

B.  Because the government permits diversion of funds meant for the needy.

C.  Because politicians and bureaucrats are sincerely only once in five years.

D.  Because the government favours the wealthy.

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Find out the appropriate word in the below.

A.  division

B.  segment

C.  particle

D.  portion

E.  part

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The author believes it is time that

A.  Indians recognized their talent

B.  Wars and invasions were put an end to.

C.  Indians came to terms with their past.

D.   Indians learnt to value the ability to dream

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Tired of being harassed by the goons, I finally called the police and complained—

A.  in being harassed

B.  of being harass

C.  in be harassed

D.  of be harass

E.  No correction required

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Chair Table Rack Furniture Drawer

A.  Chair

B.  Table

C.  Rack

D.  Furniture

E.  Drawer

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Obviate: The new mass transit system may obviate the need for the use of personal cars.

A.  Prevent

B.  Forestall

C.  Preclude

D.  Bolster

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Disuse: Some words fall into disuse as technology makes objects obsolete.

A.  Prevalent

B.  Discarded

C.  Obliterated

D.  Unfashionbale

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