English - Synonyms Question And Answers

Virtue: -- -- -- -- --

A.  Bind

B.  Diverse

C.  Assorted

D.  Vice

E.  Healthy

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Synonyms for Victory: -- -- -- -- --

A.  Defeat

B.  Hunger

C.  Difference

D.  Various

E.  Numerous

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Which of the following is not a vice attributed to the poor by the rich?

A.  Idleness

B.  Drug addiction

C.  ambling

D.  Alcoholism

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Synonym for SCALLYWAG

A.  Taint

B.  Scam

C.  Mischievous (Synonym)

D.   Scamper

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Synonyms for Foreign

A.  Aborigina

B.  Connected

C.  Native

D.  Local

E.  Inborn

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Synonyms for Extravagant

A.  unknown

B.  homebody

C.  punctual

D.  moderate

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