English - Paragraph Completion Question And Answers

When the writer speaks of ‘self-arrogated virtue’, who has arrogated virtue in his view?

A.  The law-court

B.  The society

C.  The state

D.  The police

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According to the author, the habit of plundering strangers:

A.  is usually not found in simple tribes but civilised people.

B.  is usually found in the barbaric tribes of the uncivilised nations.

C.   is a habit limited only to English ladies of high position.

D.   is a usual habit with all white skinned people.

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According to the study, the risk of obesity among children was found to decrease with _________

A.  Exercises

B.  Frequent family meals

C.  Outing

D.  Communication

E.  None of the above

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What would be the suitable title for the above comprehension?

A.  Animal diversity

B.  Mammal Study

C.  Diversity of mammals

D.  Ancient mammals

E.  None of the above

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It may be inferred that the passage was written

A.  when Britain was still a colonial power.

B.  when the author was in a bad mood.

C.  when the author was working in the foreign service of Britain

D.  when the author’s country was overrun by the British.

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Which animals come under the category 'Equidae'?

A.  Horses and donkeys

B.  Rats and mice

C.  Mammoths

D.  Rabbits

E.  None of the above

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Being highly ______ to criticism, he has kept his stories unpublished

A.  Suspectible

B.  Sensible

C.  Sensitive

D.  Vulnerable

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