Eamcet - Physics - Simple Harmonic Motion

The magnitude of maximum acceleration is π times that of maximum velocity of a simple harmonic oscillator. The time period of the oscillator in seconds is

A.  4

B.  2

C.  1

D.  0.5

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The displacement of a particle executing SHM is given by  y = 5 sin (4t +  π/3 ) of T is the time period and the mass of the particle is 2 gms, the kinetic energy of the particle when t  = T/4 is given by

A.  0.4 Joules

B.  0.5 Joules

C.  3 Joules

D.  0.3 Joules

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The length of a pendulum is measured as 1.01 m and time for 30 oscillations is measured as one minute 3 seconds. Error lengths is 0.01 m and error in time is 3 secs.The percentage error in the measurement of acceleration due to gravity is

A.  1

B.  5

C.  10

D.  15

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