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The equation of trajectory of a projectile is y = 10x - (5/9) x2. If we assume g =10 ms-2, the range of   projectile (in meter) is

A.  36

B.  24

C.  18

D.  9

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A body projected vertically upwards crosses a point twice in its journey at a height h just after t1 and t2 seconds. Maximum height reached by the body is

A.  (g / 4) ( t1 + t2 ) 2

B.  g ( (t1 + t2) / 4 ) 2

C.  2g ( (t1 + t2) / 4 ) 2

D.  (g / 4) (t1 t2)

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A ball is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 10m/sec from the top of a tower 200m high and another is thrown vertically downwards with the same speed simultaneously. The time difference between them in reaching the ground, in seconds, if g is taken as 10 m/s2, is:

A.  12

B.  6

C.  2

D.  1

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A body is projected vertically upwards at time t = 0 and it is seen at a height 'H' at time t1 and t2 seconds during its flight. The maximum height attained is : (g is acceleration due to gravity)

A.  g(t2-t1)2 / 8

B.  g(t1+t2)2  / 4

C.  g(t1+t2)2 / 8

D.  g(t2-t1)2 / 4

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The displacement of a particle moving in a straight line is given by x = 2t2+t+5 where x is expressed in meter and 't' in second.The acceleration at t = 2sec is

A.  4 m/s2

B.  8 m/s2

C.  10 m/s2

D.  15 m/s2

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A stone is projected in air. Its time of flight is 3s and the range is 150m. Maximum height reached by the stone is: (g = 10 ms-2)

A.  37.5m

B.  22.5m

C.  90m

D.  11.2m

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A body is thrown horizontally from the top of a tower of 5 m height. It touches the ground at a distance of 10m from the foot of the tower. The initial velocity of the body is: (g = 10ms-2)

A.  2.5 ms-1

B.  5 ms-1

C.  10 ms-1

D.  20 ms-1

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A car travels the first half of a distance between two places a speed of 30 km/hr and the second half of the distance a 50km/hr. The average speed of the car for the whole journey is

A.  42.5km/hr

B.  40.4km/hr

C.  37.5km/hr

D.  35.0km/hr

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A particle is projected from the ground with an initial velocity of 20ms-1 at an angle of 300 with horizontal. The magnitude of change in velocity in 0.5 seconds is(g=10ms-1)

A.  2ms-1

B.  2.5ms-1

C.  4ms-1

D.  5ms-1

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A juggler maintains four balls on motion, making each inturn rise to a height 20m from his hand. Where will the other three balls be at the instant when the fourth one is just leaving the hand?

A.  15m,20m,15m

B.  10m,20m,10m

C.  5m,15m,5m

D.  4m,16m,4m

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A body is thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity u reaches maximum height in 6 sec.The ratio of distance travelled by the body in the first and seventh second is :

A.  1 : 1

B.  11 : 1

C.  1 : 2

D.  1 : 11

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A bomb is dropped from an aircraft travelling horizontally at 150m/s at a height of 490m. The horizontal distance travelled by the bomb before it hits the ground is (in metre):

A.  1000

B.  1200

C.  1500

D.  1800

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A body is projected from the earth at angle 300 with the horizontal with some intial velocity. If its range is 20 m, the maximum height reached by it is : (in metres)

A.  5√3

B.  5/√3

C.  10/√3

D.  10√3

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