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A and B are ideal gases. The molecular weights of A and B are in the ratio of 1 : 4. The pressure of a gas mixture containing equal weights of A and B is P atm. What is the partial pressure (in atm) of B in the mixture ?

A.  P / 5

B.  P / 2

C.  P / 2.5

D.  3P / 4

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At 270C, 500 mL of helium diffuses in 30 minutes. What is the time (in hours) taken for 1000 mL of SO2 to diffuse under same experimental conditions ?

A.  240

B.  3

C.  2

D.  4

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At 270C the ratio of root mean square velocities of ozone to oxygen is :

A.  √3/5

B.  √4/3

C.  √2/3

D.  0.25

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A certain mass of a gas occupies a volume of 2 L at STP. To what temperature the gas must be heated to double its volume, keeping the pressure constant

A.  100K

B.  273K

C.  273oC

D.  546oC

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The average kinetic energy of one molecule of an ideal gas 270C and 1 atm. pressure is

A.  900 cals k-1 mol-1

B.  6.21 x 10-21 J k-1 molecule-1

C.  336.7 J.k-1 molecule-1

D.  374.13 J.k-1 molecule-1

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n moles of an ideal gas at temperature T (in kelvin) occupy VL of volume, exerting a pressure of P atmospheres.What is the concentration (in mol / L)?

A.  P / RT

B.  PT / R

C.  RT / P

D.  R / PT

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A mixture contains 10 g of oxygen, 28g of nitrogen and 8g of CH4.Total pressure of mixture is 740mm.What is the partial pressure of nitrogen in mm

A.  185

B.  370

C.  555

D.  740

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Aniline is treated with NaNO2 and HCl at 00C,the product formed is:

A.  nitroaniline

B.  chloroaniline

C.  benzene diazonium salt

D.  amino phenol

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If a gas contains only three molecules that move with velocities of 100,200,500 ms-1.What is the rms velocity of that gas in ms-1

A.  100√8/3

B.  100√3

C.  100√10

D.  800/3

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The total pressure of a mixture of 6A of O2 and 5.6 g of N2 present in a 2 litre vessel is 1200 mm. What is the partial pressure (in mm) of nitrogen?

A.  1200

B.  600

C.  900

D.  200

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What is the temperature at which the kinetic energy of 0.3 moles of Helium is equal to the kinetic energy of 0.4 moles of Argon at 400 K ?

A.  400 K

B.  873 K

C.  533 K

D.  300 K

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A certain sample of gas has a volume of 0.2 litres measured at 1 atm. pressure and 00 C. At the same pressure but at 273 0c. Its volume will be

A.  0.4 litres

B.  0.8 litres

C.  27.8 litres

D.  55. 6 litres

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A sample of gas has a volume of 0.2 lit. measured at 1 atm. pressure and 00C. At the same pressure, but at 2730C its volume will become

A.  0.1 litre

B.  0.4 litre

C.  0.8 litre

D.  0.6 litre

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The r.m.s. velocity of an ideal gas at 300 K is 12240 cm/sec. What is the most probable velocity at that temperature?

A.  10000 cm/s

B.  11280 cm/s

C.  13250 cm/s

D.  12240 cm/s

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