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The vant Hoff factor for 0.1M Barium nitrate is 2.74. The percentage of dissociation of barium nitrate is

A.  91.2%

B.  87%

C.  100%

D.  74%

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A 0.2 molal aqueous solution of a weak acid (HX) is 20 percent ionized. The freezing point of this solution is (Given Kf = 1.860C kg mol-1 for water)

A.  -0.450C

B.  -0.900C

C.  –0.310C

D.  -0.530C

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3.42g of substance of molecular weight 342 is present in 250g of water.Molality of this solution is

A.  0.4M

B.  0.04M

C.  0.8M

D.  4M

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