Eamcet - Chemistry - Solid State

x grams of water is mixed in 69 g of ethanol. Mole fraction of ethanol in the resultant solution is 0.6. What is the value of x in grams ?

A.  54

B.  36

C.  180

D.  18

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The vapour pressure of water at 230C is 19.8 mm. 0.1 mole of glucose is dissolved in 178.2 g of water. What is the vapour pressure (in mm) of the resultant solution

A.  19.0

B.  19.602

C.  19.402

D.  19.202

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If 20 mL of 0.4 N NaOH sol ution completely neutralised 40 mL of a dibasic acid, the molarity of the acid solution is :

A.  0.1M

B.  0.2M

C.  0.3M

D.  0.4M

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Which of the following statements is correct

A.  Silicon doped with boron is an n-type semiconductor

B.  Silicon doped with arsenic is a p-type semiconductor

C.  Metals are good conductors of electricity

D.  Electrical conductivity of semiconductors decreases with increasing temperature

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Which of the following set of variables give a straight line with a negative slope when plotted ?(P - vapour pressure, T = Temperature in K)

A.  y-axis      x-axis  P               T

B.  y-axis      x-axislog10P        T

C.  y-axis      x-axislog10 P     1/T

D.  y-axis      x-axislog10 P      log10 1/T

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Three faradays of electricity was passed through an aqueous solution of iron(II) bromide.The weight of iron metal(at.wt=56) deposited at the cathode is(in grams):

A.  56

B.  84

C.  112

D.  168

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The bonds in K4Fe(CN)6 are:

A.  ionic

B.  covalent

C.  ionic and covalent

D.  ionic,covalent and co-ordinate covalent bond

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Which one of the following equations represents the variation of viscosity coefficient (η) with temperature (T) ?

A.  η=Ae-E/RT

B.  η=AeE/RT

C.  η=Ae-E/KT

D.  η=Ae-E/T

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∆x is given by ∆x=(Hydrogen energy-Lattice energy). For a salt ∆x is found to be 500 kcal mol-1.Then on increasing the temperature, its solubility in water

A.  increase

B.  decreases

C.  remains same

D.  increases initially and then decreases

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If the length of the unit cell is 5 Ao. the smallest distance in Ao between the two neighbouring metal atoms in a face centred cubic lattice is

A.  2.50

B.  5.00

C.  7.07

D.  3.535

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The weight in grams of a non-volatile solute (M.wt:60) to be dissolved in 90 g of water to produce a relative lowering of vapour pressure of 0.02 is

A.  4

B.  8

C.  6

D.  10

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9.8 g of H2SO4is present in two litres of a solution.The molarity of the solution is:

A.  0.1M

B.  0.05M

C.  0.2M

D.  0.01M

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