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The half-lives of two radioactive nuclides A and B are 1 and 2 min respectively. Equal weights of A and B are taken separately and allowed to disintegrate for 4 min. What will be the ratio of weights of A and B disintegrated

A.  1:1

B.  5:4

C.  1:2

D.  1:3

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Which of the following is correct ?

A.  1H1 and 2He3 are isotopes

B.  6C14 and 7N14 are isotopes

C.  19K39 and 20Ca40 are isotones

D.  9F19 and 11Na24 are isodiaphers

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Atoms of different elements having identical mass are known as :

A.  isotopes

B.  isobars

C.  isotones

D.  isomers

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A radioactive substance 88X228 (IIA) emits 3α and 3β particles to form "Y". To which group of long form of the periodic table does "Y" belong


B.  VA



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which of the following is not correcr?

A.  20Ca40and 18Ar40are isotones

B.  Nuclei of atoms participate in nuclear reactions

C.  Uranium (U238) series is known as (4n+2) series

D.  1 amu of mass defect is approximately equal to 931.5 MeV

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The half-life period of a radioactive element is 120 days. After 480 days 4.0 gm of the element will be reduced to (.....) gms.

A.  2.0

B.  1.0

C.  0.5

D.  0.25

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