Eamcet - Chemistry - Environmental Chemistry

Identify the correct decreasing order of the following with respect to altitude from atmosphere:I. Troposphere    II. Mesosphere  III. Thermosphere

A.  II, III, I

B.  III, II, I

C.  I, II, III 

D.  I, III, II 

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Which of the following is not an air pollutant

A.  N2

B.  N2O

C.  NO

D.  CO

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The chemical entities present in thermosphere of the atmosphere

A.  O2+ , O+ , NO+

B.  O3

C.  N2 , O2 , CO2, H2O

D.  O3 , O2+ , O2

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A sample of 100ml water required 0.294mg of K2Cr2O7(mol.wt=294)for oxidizing dissolved organic compounds in it. The C.O.D of water sample is

A.  0.04 ppm

B.  0.48 ppm

C.  0.005 ppm

D.  294 ppm

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