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Which of the following is not correct regarding the properties of ionic compounds ?

A.  Ionic compounds have high melting and boiling points

B.  Their reaction velocity in aqueous medium is very high

C.  Ionic compounds in their molten and aqueous solutions do not conduct electricity

D.  They are highly soluble in polar solvents

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......of a reaction cannot be determined experimentally:

A.  order

B.  rate

C.  rate constant

D.  molecularity

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Which of the following is a linear molecule

A.  BeCl2

B.  H2O

C.  SO2

D.   CH4

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Which of the following is correct

A.  The number of electrons present in the valence shell of S in SF6 is 12

B.  The rates of ionic reactions are very slow

C.  According to VSEPR theory, SnCl2 is a linear molecule

D.  The correct order of ability to form ionic compounds among   Na+, Mg2+ and Al3+ is Al3+ > Mg2+ > Na+

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Observe the following reaction2A + B → CThe rate of C is 2.2 x 10-3 mol L-1 min-1.What is the value of - d[A]/dt (in mol. L-1min-1)

A.  2.2 x 10-3

B.  1.1 x 10-3

C.  4.4 x 10-3

D.  5.5 x 10-3

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A catalyst increases the rate of reaction because it :

A.  increases the activation energy

B.  decreases the energy barrier for reaction

C.  decreases the collision diameter

D.  increases the temperature coefficient

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Assertion (A) : A catalyst increases the rate of a reaction.Reason (R) : In presence of a catalyst, the activation energy of the reaction increases. The correct answer is

A.  Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)

B.  Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is notcorrect explanation of (A)

C.  (A) is true, but (R) is not true

D.  (A) is not true, but (R) is true

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Which of the following is not tetrahedral

A.  BF4-

B.  NH4+

C.  CO32-

D.  SO42-

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A molecule (X ) has (i) four sigma bonds formed by the overlap of sp2 and s orbitals (ii) one sigma bond formed by sp2 and sp2 orbitals and (iii) one π bond formed by px and pz orbitals. Which of the following is X ?

A.  C2H6

B.  C2H3Cl

C.  C2H2Cl2

D.  C2H4

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AB is an ionic solid. The ionic radii of A+ and B- are respectively rc and ra. Lattice energy of AB is proportional to :

A.  rc / ra

B.  ( rc + ra )

C.  ra / rc

D.  1 / ( rc + ra )

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The rate constant of a first order reaction at 27°C is 10-3 min-1. The temperature coefficient of this reaction is 2. What is the rate constant (in min-1) at 17°C for this reaction ?

A.  10-3

B.  5 x 10-4

C.  2 x 10-3

D.  10-2

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The number of sigma and pi (π) bonds present in benzene respectively are :

A.  12, 6

B.  6, 6

C.  6, 12

D.  12, 3

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The number of pπ - dπ 'pi' bonds present in XeO3and XeO4molecules, respectively are

A.  3,4

B.  4,2

C.  2,3

D.  3,2

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The hydrolysis constant Kh of a salt of NaOH and a weak acid (HX) If the Ka of the acid is Ka=2x10-6

A.  5x10-8

B.  5x10-6

C.  5x10-9

D.  2.5x10-7

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Which among the following element does not liberate H2 gas on reaction with NaOH?

A.  Mg

B.  Zn

C.  Al

D.  Sn

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An organic compound X on treatment with pyridium dichromate in dichloromethane gives compound Y.Compound Y reacts with I2 and alkali to form idoform.The compound X is




D.  C2H5OH

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HCl+H2O?H3O++Cl- A Conjugate base of HCl is Cl- B Conjugate base of H3O+ is H2O C Conjugateacid base pair is HCl and H3O+ D Conjugateacid base pair is Cl- and H2O

A.  A and B are correct

B.  A and C are correct

C.  All are correct

D.  C and D are correct

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For the reversible reaction C2H4 + H2 ⇔ C2H6 the equilibrium constant can be expressed in units of

A.  Lit-1 mole-1

B.  Lit.mole-1

C.  mole2 Lit-2

D.  mole Lit-1

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The conjugate base of HSO4- ion is:

A.  H2SO4

B.  SO42-

C.  HSO3-

D.  SO3

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The charge required to reduce 1 mole Cr2O7-2 to Cr+3 ions is

A.  3F

B.  3columb

C.  6F

D.  2x6.023x1023e

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The oxidation states of nitrogen in NH4NO3 is /are

A.  -3,+5

B.  -3,-3

C.  -3,+4

D.  -5,+3

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28g of N2 and 6g of H2 were mixed initially .At equilibrium 17g of NH3 was formed.The weight of N2 and H2 at equilibrium are respectively

A.  11g & zero

B.  19g & 3g

C.  14g &3g

D.  11g & 3g

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List-I List-II List-III CH3COONa Alc.KOH Ethylene CHCl2-CHCl2 H2O Acetylene C2H5MgI NaOH+CaO Methane CH3-CH2Cl Zn dust Ethane The correct match is

A.  A-3-c, B-4-b, C-2-d, D-1-a

B.  B-1-a, B-1-b, C-2-a, D-1-d

C.  C-2-b, B-3-c, C-1-b, D-4-d

D.  D-1-d, B-2-d, C-1-b, D-4-c

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For a reaction A+B→ products,the rate of the reaction was doubled.When the concentration of A was doubled.When the concentration of A and B were doubled.The order of the reaction with respect to A and B are

A.  1,1

B.  2,0

C.  1,0

D.  0,1

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The number of structural alcoholic isomers for C4H10O is

A.  2

B.  3

C.  4

D.  5

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Which of the following compounds answer positively carbyl amine test? A) C6H5NHCH3 B) CH3-C6H6-NH2 C) C6H6-NH2 D) C6H6-NH (CH3)2

A.  A, B

B.  B, C

C.  C, D

D.  A, B, C

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The two sulphur atoms in Na2S2O3 have

A.  Same oxidation state

B.  +6 and -2 oxidation states

C.  +4 and +6 oxidation states

D.  -2 and +4 oxidation states

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Conjugate base of H2SO4 is

A.  SO4-

B.  HSO4

C.  Bisulphate ion

D.  sulphate ion

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The IUPAC name for CH3-CH2-CH(OH)-CH=CH2

A.  2-methyl butanoland-2-ol

B.  Pent-1-ene-3-ol

C.  2-methyl butanol-1

D.  2-methyl butyl alcohol

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The value of Kp for the reaction 2H2S(g)⇔2H2(g)+S2(g) is 1.2 x 10-2 at 10650C.The value of KC for the reaction is

A.  1.2x10-2


C.  83

D.  >1.2x10-2

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