Eamcet - Chemistry - Bio Molecules

'Natalite' is used as

A.  anesthetic

B.  substitute for petrol

C.  insecticide

D.  preservative

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Which of the following is not correct

A.  Chlorophyll is responsible for the synthesis of carbohydrates in plants

B.  The compound formed in the addition of oxygen to haemoglobin is called oxyhaemoglobin

C.  Acetyl salicylic acid is known as aspirin

D.  The metal ion present in vitamin B12 is Mg2+

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Which of the following statements is not correct ?

A.  In oxyhemoglobin Fe2+ is paramagnetic

B.  During respiration the size of Fe2+ increases when it changes from diamagnetic to paramagnetic state.

C.  Four heme groups are present in haemoglobin

D.  Heme is the prosthetic group and it is non-protein part.

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The most abundant group of lipids and animals is

A.  Triglycerides

B.  Phospholipids

C.  Derived lipids

D.  Glycolipids

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Which of the following is not a lipids

A.  Carbohydrates

B.  Oils

C.  Fats

D.  Waxes

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A codon has a sequence of A and specifies a particular B that is to be incorporated into aC What areA, B, C

A.  3 bases,amino acid,carbohydrate

B.  3 acids,carbohydrate,protein

C.  3 bases,protein,amino acid

D.  3 bases,amino acid,protein

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Hydrolysis of sucrose with dilute aqueous sulphuric acid yields

A.  1 : 1 D-( + ) - glucose ; D-(-)-fructose

B.  1 : 2 D-( + ) - glucose ; D-(-)-fructose

C.  1 : 1 D-(-) - glucose ; D-(+)-fructose

D.  1 : 2 D-(-) - glucose ; D-(+)-fructose

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The reagent used in the preparation of aspirin from salicylic acid is

A.  SOCl2 / pyridine


C.  (CH3CO)2O/conc. H2SO4

D.  CH3Cl / AlCl3

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