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1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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British Airspace has been focusing on building European links.





The victim’s involuntary response to stimulus proved that he was still living.





The work assigned to me is not…………  though it is very………..






This is a group insurance policy, in favour of the workers, _____ accident or injury.





The _________ of his crime was a heavy blow as not only did his reputation _________ but the business also declined.






Is alive and insatiably curious





If you are trying to make a strong impression on your audience, you can not do so by being understated, tentative, or __________.





Since the advent of cable television, at the beginning of this decade, the entertainment industry took a giant stride forward in our country.





To child died from jaundice.





The ideas that these companies used seem so clear with _________ that their rivals will now _______ themselves for not thinking of them first





The panorama of the incredibly high Himalayas viewed from ‘Tiger Tops’ impels us to acloser look. Rewritten: One feels .... The next word in the rewritten sentence is -





 Which of the following may be the closest in meaning to the statement "restored India to Indian history"?





In most developing countries, research and development efforts are _____by their absence.





The feeling of being uncared for and _____ are the greatest ________





The revized (A) rates (B) of interest will be effective (C) immediately. (D) All correct (E)






 Mountains and hills are a……………. sight. I have always………….. to see them






A person who is always dissatisfied





College-going students should………………the spirit of service from the great men of………………..






Kidnappers had telephoned the victim’s father from a public booth to conceal his identity.






The underlying physica1 principles that control the midair gyrations of divers and gymnasts are the same as the body orientation controlling astronauts in a weightless environment






Fill in the blanks with the appropriate given. Fortunately no one was hurt _______ the accident being ______






a. understandably, high profile business barons have begun lobbying for a change in SEBI’s takeover code.b. This flies in the face of the logic.c. Promoters are not required to hold 100 percent equity in a company to control it.d. One of the suggestions is that raiders should be asked to make an open offer for 100 percent of the target’s equity, not just 20 percent.e. Why should raiders be asked to do so?f. Besides, it would become prohibitively expensive for potential predators to dislodge managements, regardless of their performance, and be a body blow to shareholders democracy.






hubris sauves demure weird





The columnist was almost__________ when he mentioned his friends but he was unpleasant and even ____ when he discussed people who irritated him





What do the Asian Development Bank statistics indicate?






Synonyms Antonyms for NAIVE





find the correctly spelt word.





"— their sterile purity jealously protected from the seductive advances of private enterprise" the author here is referring to





These stories are just a few of the _______, sometimes extraordinary ones in this volume, in which people face unbelievable odds and __________





You may wonder how the expert on fossils remain is able to trace descent through teeth, which seem ________ pegs upon which to hang whole ancestries.





In a workplace, just as a _____ tradition ought to be followed to ensure that people of any religion or no religion are not made to feel uncomfortable or out of place, there should also be an atmosphere where women can feel safe and respected and not just _____ because of their gender.





Private: -- -- -- -- --






In the context of the passage, according to the author, a life in the military develops arrogance inman and deforms him because





Bureaucrats may also be well advised to deal with Service Headquarters as representatives of the government and not behave as their bosses





As public resources are _________ there is a need for _____ of the private sector in development.






A species does not lose the right to exist _______ because it does not provide eco-system service that is useful to humans.





What was the duty of the virgins in the Temple of Vesta?






The judge ruled that the evidence was inadmissible on the grounds that it was not___to the issue at hand





Biotic disturbances in the context means





A 1972 agreement between Canada and the United States reduced the amount of phosphates that municipalities had been allowed to dump into the Great Lakes.






A.They think that India will disintegrate like the SovletUnion or Yugoslavia. B. What will be the exact shape of India in 2000 A.D can only be a matter of surmise. C On the contrary, the blind patriots for see a very bright future for India. D.The prophets of doom say that the future c doomed.






Power to expression has the ability to overcome, neutralise, change or strengthen the transient impression formed on others by one’s initial facial appearance.






Despite taking steps to / encourage foreign investment / there has been any / substantial improvement in our economy.






Which of the following would have been true if biological linkages structured human society?






 Shivalal ……. classical music. He always prefers Bhimsen Joshi to Asha Bhonsale, and Pandit Jasraj to Kumar Sanu.





If I won a crore in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ I would have probably bought a yacht.





One of the base laws of nature is that adaptability is the price of survival






Early _____ of maladjustment to college culture is _ ____ by the tendency to develop friendship networks outside college which mask signals of maladjustment.





The word ‘emulate,’ as used in the passage, can best be replaced by





Choose the word that is the same in meaning as the word "aboiind" as used in the passage.






One appointment by two parties to settle a dispute





His absence at the crucialmeeting cannot be ____ as he ____ the country at important international fora.






Then he ———–my hand and kissed it repeatedly found it all immensely —————.






Customer __________ and service ___________ ensure that you always reach your destination on time when you fly by Indian Airlines.





I have bought this house in 1970 for Rs.Two lakhs.





We knew there was a crowd, but _____ hallway.





She was overcome with a wave of ______ whenever she thought of her childhood in Bihar





Which of the following is the correct order in which the Hindu religion texts came into being  (in increasing order of antiquity)?





Our…………..to understand the process of learning underlying behavior change are……………..by the fact that any given behaviour is determined jointly by many processes.






Use of resources that should have





Kerala is a beautiful state -- -- -- -- -- on the Malabar Coast. It is recognized for its natural exquisiteness. Geologically, it lies among Lakshadweep Sea and Western Ghats, which causes the weather of the state to be equatorial tropic. On the other hand, the climatic conditions differ according to the geographic position.






Which of the following are behavioral economists not studying?





Complete and constant openness is a notion that can be…………………..to absurdity. Am I……………..to stop everyone on the street and tell them my reaction to their appearance?






The Company has decided (A)/ to allott (B)/ a substantial (C)/ portion (D)/of its profits to research and development. All correct (E).






The captious political situation __________ unorthodox remedies.





According to the passage, performance appraisal helps to





 In our country, the challenges are to raise ________ incomes to reduce poverty, and to ______ inefficient public sector enterprises.





Contemplating whether to exist with an insatiable romantic temperament, he was the author and largely the subject of a number of memorable novels





Which of the following is not a likely cause of readiness, shown by people towards adolescents?






Equal in rank, merit or quality





How does MECE help in structuring your thinking?





Neutrons stars are believed to be the highly compressed remnants of exploding stars (supernovas) and thus _______ of one of the most _______ processes in nature.





Synonyms Antonyms for  BRILLIANT





The two candidates share/ a reputation for/ competency as well as/ for good communication skills.






Find the wrongly spelt word in the below





The ______ rationale of civilisation is the _____ of fuller, richer and more abundant life





The internet represents that awkward _______ in all communication systems; while it _______ to bring us together, it keeps us apart





The post-monsoon season routinely               such storms at least twice a month.





The best general characterization of the European philosophical tradition as it has developed upto now, with all its variety, is that it consists of a ________ Plato





And it was Clive who was given the job of ——-the ——–that was to become known as the black hole of Calcutta.






 Success in business requires two  things; a winning competitive…………. And superb organizational…………






The government's policy asking banks offering no frills accounts has encouraged many villagers to open bank accounts.  






I have trouble _____.





Find the error, if any, in the underlined portion in BOLD, if none mark 5 as your answer.






He has asked for the names of those employees involved in the project






Attracted by the rich pickings, expensive private schools are blooming all over the place.





Harassment is just plain…………There is never a valid reason or a good……………for it.






The internet represents that awkward _______ in all communication systems; while it _______ to bring us together, it keeps us apart. 





The problem of housing shortage…………with the population explosion has also been…………………by this policy.






Dieters who regain weight usually think flattening their fummies means giving up all their favourite fattening foods. In fact most diet winners still eat doughnuts and pizza but they do so with equanimity.





This is a group insurance policy, in favour of the workers, _____ accident or injury.





Somewhat further in the future lies the auspicious possibility of creating geothermal wells where   none naturally exist. This could be accomplished by ________ 





A country, tribe or family ruled by a man or male heirs is called______





One who believes that everything is pre-destined





______ curtains of lace not only add grace but also _______ robbers from breaking into houses for fear of being seen





The theory of self-destruction:





What, according to the author, has always character I zcti the Hindu religion?






The author acknowledges that Mondrian's pieces may have ended up looking like a scrabble board because





There is usually _____ all over the world.





Before his marriage the Duke had led an austere existence and now regarded the affectionate, somewhat ____ behavior of his young wife as simply ____ .






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