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1. The Test is 1hr duration.
2. The Test Paper consists of 30 questions. The maximum marks are 30.
3. All the questions are multiple choice question type with three options for each question.
4. Out of the three options given for each question, only one option is the correct answer.
5. Each question is allotted 1 mark for each correct response.
6. 0.25 will be deducted for incorrect response of each question.
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 Shivalal ……. classical music. He always prefers Bhimsen Joshi to Asha Bhonsale, and Pandit Jasraj to Kumar Sanu.





Which one of the following is not part of the author's characterisation of the conservative trend in Indianabstractionism?





Sam asked me to keep this secret ________.





The committee has prescribed A)/ a code of conduct B)/ about the recovery agents C)/ appointed by banks. D)/ No error E)






Been working on space we would have done anything of  great human value In fact, research and exploration have a





The original inhabitants of a country





A person who is skilled in horsemanship





Find the wrong spelt word in the below





Somewhat further in the future lies the auspicious possibility of creating geothermal wells where   none naturally exist. This could be accomplished by ________ 





Which of the following according to the author is-the most welcome thing?






Bureaucrats may also be well advised to deal with Service Headquarters as representatives of the government and not behave as their bosses





Which of the following is the correct order in which the Hindu religion texts came into being  (in increasing order of antiquity)?





A country, tribe or family ruled by a man or male heirs is called______





It is crucially / to obtain the Board's approval / for the terms and conditions /of the merger. //






The word ‘emulate,’ as used in the passage, can best be replaced by





For taking retirement, he has made _____ his business to his two son





 Mountains and hills are a……………. sight. I have always………….. to see them






For the last half century he ……………himself to public affairs……………. Taking a holiday






Giving unfair ………….to one’s relatives in the matter of appointments and such other benefits is……..






He is said to be as poor as _____





i. The rains were in time, the harvest was bountiful and the children knew no ______. ii. After dinner, he went for a stroll, as was his _________ . iii. I am sure he ________ compromise on his ideals. iv. Waste not, _______ not.





It is noteworthy to note that India had pioneered the use of non-cash based payment systems.






Fill in the blanks with the appropriate given.  As a _______ of the foreign rule the country was ______ into mass poverty.






Which of the following trend might be considered as not healthy for Indian economy?






"— their sterile purity jealously protected from the seductive advances of private enterprise" the author here is referring to





In the below mentioned question, a sentence has been broken into different parts. These parts have been numbered Choose the correct order of these parts from the given alternatives. 1. The day before, 2. I had dropped my daughter off 3. At pre-school and told her I was 4. Flying to the East coast so 5. I wouldn’t see 6. Her that night





Kamala howled at ten, twelve and three at night because





Trisha could not solve the problem at all and was at her wit’s ending.






The _________ of his crime was a heavy blow as not only did his reputation _________ but the business also declined.






I have seen much of the plays of Shakespeare acted.





The …………………violence that our own town is witnessing ha turned it into the most ……..……town of our country.






I have bought this house in 1970 for Rs.Two lakhs.





College-going students should………………the spirit of service from the great men of………………..






However,activity based……that makes learning a joy needs more time……per topic.






Rearange the following sentences. A. whether explicitly or implicitly, B. it helps to have some basis by which C. Once you've conducted assessments of your organization, D. To analyse the results.





You can try to escape from this trap only _____ of death.





Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks appropriately.





When somebody talks or acts ______, we say he is mentally ______





The company was_________ with a _________ to improve power distribution in rural areas.






A controversial plan to build an immense dam in Brazil's rainforest was stalled when it........ a formidable bloc of in ecologists and indigenous tribes alike.






His mother made great sacrifices to educate him, moving house or three occasions, and severing the  thread on her loom's shuttle whenever Mencius  neglected his lesson to make him understand the need to persevere.





You may wonder how the expert on fossils remain is able to trace descent through teeth, which seem ________ pegs upon which to hang whole ancestries.





Artistes usually look for established companies that will promote them not as singers, but as a __________.





The author is of the view that civilized behavior is a function of





The government's policy asking banks offering no frills accounts has encouraged many villagers to open bank accounts.  






The panorama of the incredibly high Himalayas viewed from ‘Tiger Tops’ impels us to acloser look. Rewritten: One feels .... The next word in the rewritten sentence is -





Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence aftff rearrangement?  






Harassment is just plain…………There is never a valid reason or a good……………for it.






Genuine Italian stilettos are still manufactured by a very well master craftsman in together Maniago and the Campobasso area. While the contemporary alloys ----------- in many of the blades permit for more sturdy edges; much of the grinding and edge modification is always done by hand.






A 1972 agreement between Canada and the United States reduced the amount of phosphates that municipalities had been allowed to dump into the Great Lakes.






Whatever be the experience of the other funds, the Unit Trust of India decision will put pressure on them to convert their closed schemes into open ones. Investors must evaluate future offerings from the other funds on that basis.





These stories are just a few of the _______, sometimes extraordinary ones in this volume, in which people face unbelievable odds_and __________





As public resources are _________ there is a need for _____ of the private sector in development.






The Internet is a medium where users have nearly __________ choices and ______ constraints about where to go and what to do





 Which of the following may be the closest in meaning to the statement "restored India to Indian history"?





Although the fire was very small everyone _______ and reshed out of the cinema hall ______ complete chaos.






Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in bold as used in the passage. Banished






His irresponsible and ________ behaviour invited ______ observations on his mental ability





clothes are ________ to make them shine





Saussure’s conception of language as a communication between addresser and addressee, according tothe author, is exemplified by the





In Martin Amis’ new novel, the narrator is trapped -- and hurtling towards a terrible secret. Its resolution, and the dreadful revelations it brings, ally to give an excruciating vision of guilt





At the rate at which India’s population is growing, it is destined to be on collision course





I have trouble _____.





A species does not lose the right to exist _______ because it does not provide eco-system service that is useful to humans.





  Find the error, if any, in the underlined portion in BOLD, if none mark 5 as your answer.






Which of the following will be the second sentence after rearrangement ?






The Chairman had to quickly refute the allegation that his country was trying to _______ the starving people of Zambia with weapons of war _____ their crying need for food and medicine.





Among the litany of threats that many Israelis face, the potential for a nuclear-armed Iran is perhaps the more scary as this scenario could engulf the region in a violent war. This would likely result in historically unseen amounts of destruction, even for a region whose history is marred by perennial violence.






The ______ of the agreement led to ______ results





Amorphousness is to Definition as Lassitude is to…………?





It was us who had left before he arrived.





Rahul Bajaj did a great job by taking his company to a dominant position but it is time he let go of the reins.





The dream of flying had _________ inventors since the ancient Greeks and Chinese, though most of those who attempted to create wings for themselves were considered ________





The article is a continuation of the series on mew projects under planning and implementation in India





Having laid the magazine on the desk, she went out the door.






Contemplating whether to exist with an insatiable romantic temperament, he was the author and largely the subject of a number of memorable novels





What do the Asian Development Bank statistics indicate?






University training enables a graduate to see things as they are, to go right to the point, to disentangle a _________ of thought





One appointment by two parties to settle a dispute





An ideal title for the passage would be





Problems of the country can only be aggravated by …………. and……….citizens.






What will come in Place of (5)?






A friendship founded on business is best than a business founded on friendship






a. understandably, high profile business barons have begun lobbying for a change in SEBI’s takeover code.b. This flies in the face of the logic.c. Promoters are not required to hold 100 percent equity in a company to control it.d. One of the suggestions is that raiders should be asked to make an open offer for 100 percent of the target’s equity, not just 20 percent.e. Why should raiders be asked to do so?f. Besides, it would become prohibitively expensive for potential predators to dislodge managements, regardless of their performance, and be a body blow to shareholders democracy.






He has asked for the names of those employees involved in the project






To child died from jaundice.





The author acknowledges that Mondrian's pieces may have ended up looking like a scrabble board because





What impact do planning policies have on the development of slums ?






When we call others dogmatic, what we really object to is _________ .





Victory is everything in the Indian universe and Tendulkar will be expected to translate his genius in batting into the captaincy. To contemplate other options is to contemplate the risk of failure.





This is a group insurance policy, in favour of the workers, _____ accident or injury.





Kerala is a beautiful state -- -- -- -- -- on the Malabar Coast. It is recognized for its natural exquisiteness. Geologically, it lies among Lakshadweep Sea and Western Ghats, which causes the weather of the state to be equatorial tropic. On the other hand, the climatic conditions differ according to the geographic position.






Attracted by the rich pickings, expensive private schools are blooming all over the place.





It is necessary to ascertain that we can do to attract investment to the manufacturing sector.






Physical courage is associated with:





Neutrons stars are believed to be the highly compressed remnants of exploding stars (supernovas) and thus _______ of one of the most _______ processes in nature.





Though the country / has got independent / in 1947,many districts / still have no electricity.






Astronomers find it difficult to study the Dark Age because





What was the duty of the virgins in the Temple of Vesta?






Synonyms Antonyms for  BRILLIANT





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